DJ Celeste (NL) : Dance pioneer

DJ Celeste and Marceline

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The Facebook-group Huppels aimed at dance/classic-loving people. From the start the group was almost addictive because of the huge recognition that the initial relatively small amount of members (I was #28 myself) felt. We were connected by passion for the same music, generation and lots of humor. DJ Celeste was also a 'Huppel'-pioneer, which was one of the reasons she played at the first 'Huppels'party ever, in March 2011. 

As a DJ, Celeste has earned her merits: not only was she one of the first Dutch female DJ’s, she also danced with Quazar. Still active as a DJ, she was of course very interesting for the segment My First Gig, that pas published on in March 2014. You can also read the article here. I also interviewed DJ Celeste about her Most Memorable Gig ever, which was published on as well.

DJ Celeste and I didn’t hit it off right away friendship wise, but in the course of time our mutual affection and respect grew. By now I have had many wonderful times with this power woman.

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