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Hoj: “A bit of a neat freak”

Hoj remisced with me about his first gig in a Californian coffeeshop in 1999. He was 21, so just old enough to drink. To make sure that the vinyl didn’t skip, he wiped each one of them with an old vinyl brush.

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32Stitches: “Father’s opinion matters most”

In December 2017 I had the opportunity to interview the Indian 32Stitches about his first gig. He remembers it very well: “It was an experiment that ended up flooding the place with people.”

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Seghment: “The crowd was very cool indeed”

The second time we ran into each other was during ADE 2015. Seghment (UK) I talked for hours. In 2016 I interviewed him about his first gig. “Everyone and no-one were there.”

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