My First Gig Raffaele Rizzi (Italy)

Marcy and Rafaelle laughing - date: October 2016

My First Gig DJ/producer Raffaele Rizzi (Italy) In March 2017 Marceline interviewed the charismatic and driven Italian techno DJ/producer Raffaele Rizzi about his DJ-debut in Naples. Raffaele remembers: “The audience was really young, warm and responsive.” “I remember my first gig very well. Thinking about it makes me a little nostalgic. My debut took place […]

My First Gig Audrey Clarke aka Lady Ace (NL)

Lady Ace during her DJ-debut

This time Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with the Dutch DJ/producer Lady Ace. “I was so nervous that, after I put on my first record, I hid behind the booth and counted till ten.”

My First Gig Axel Karakasis (Greece)

DJ Axel Karakasis at one of his first gigs in Athens

This time Marcy had a chat with the Greek DJ/producer Axel Karakasis. “When you’re that young and you attract a lot of attention, it’s pretty flattering.”

My first gig Rob Hes (NL)

DJ Rob Hes playing at his debut

Marcy Goes Wild interviewed numerous DJ’s about their debut. This time she had a chat with the Dutch techno DJ/producer Rob Hes. “At this point I discovered the videotapes of parties like Thunderdome. By watching them I could hear, see and watch what the DJs did.” Rob Hes has to think hard about his first gig. […]