Pat Baker (NL): “As ready as I could be!”

Pat Baker en Marceline oktober 2018 bijgesneden - Pat Baker (NL): “As ready as I could be!”

Pat Baker has been professionally around for many years but Dancefair 2016 is where we met. Of course he told me the story of his first gig. “A huge stage on Liberation Day.”

Tom Hades: “I’m a child of new wave”

Tom Hades and Marceline first interview

An inspiring conversation with Tom Hades about dreams, experimenting, passionate people, ‘the shit-solver’, the game computer, his ‘sugar sound’ and and his biggest icon Frank de Wulff.

Dosem (ESP): “I remember those days well”

First Gig Marc Dosem

We met in 2016 at a beach party in Noordwijk (NL). Of course, I seized the moment and asked Spanish DJ/producer Marc Dosem if I could interview him about his DJ debut. A few months later I did. “We rented a ‘secret’ house halfway some mountain.”