MWoT: Marcel Moulijn aka DJ Cellie (NL)

Dj Cellie and Marceline

met ben en cellie op tpl 2017 - MWoT: Marcel Moulijn aka DJ Cellie (NL)

Whenever Marcel Moulijn aka DJ Cellie enters, the room lights up. There’s always a smile present or one waiting to be awoken with this sympathetic man. This former DJ of the well-renowned nineties Amsterdam club Mazzo is still going strong. Of course he was a perfect interviewee for my segment My First Gig for on April 14th 2014. You can also read the interview here.

dj cellie and marceline wintercircus 2016.jpg crop 300x300 - MWoT: Marcel Moulijn aka DJ Cellie (NL)
The Promised Land Wintercircus 2016

Marcel and I met plenty of times during the past few years, but it appears we had only one picture taken of the two of us in half a decade. This one dates from 2016, at The Promised Land – Houseclassics 88/98 Wintercircus Festival.

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