Vortex (NL)

Dj Vortex and Marceline at Frisco Inn

For my segment My First Gig I have interviewed many producers and DJ’s. One of the first ones I got to know in real life, is the Dutch Pim Verhaagen aka DJ Vortex. The interview about his first time playing in front of an audience was published on DJMag.nl in February 2014. You can also read the article here.

Pim and I met online through a Facebook group named Huppels. In March 2011 a large part of the group members met for the first time in real life at a special ‘Huppels’party. It was a great event that was the beginning of almost two exhilarating years filled with lots of other ‘Huppels’ events, and a friendship in between Pim and myself developed. But as life goes, lately we don’t see each other as often I as would like.  Beneath a few picca’s that were made during the past years.

March 20th 2011 first meet Vortex and marceline at huppelsfeest 300x200 - Vortex (NL)
First time I met Pim Verhaagen aka DJ Vortex in real life
march 20th 1022 dj vortex and marceline huppelsfeest 300x224 - Vortex (NL)
First evening DJ Vortex and I met was immediately a blast!









dj vortex and marceline Frisco Inn 300x225 - Vortex (NL)
June 2012: Enjoying the Amsterdam summer at Frisco Inn.
dj vortex and marceline Wooferland 2011 169x300 - Vortex (NL)
Wooferland 2011: Pim to Marceline: ‘Hey, you’ve got something on your shirt’. Yeah, right! :-)

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