Wild night at Hotel Zimmerman ★★

The extravagant parties, playful themes, and unique techno sound of the Herr Zimmerman events are a fixture in the dance scene.

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Sexy chambermaids, notorious movie stars, friendly bellboys, sizzling hotel hostesses, and mysterious gigolos. These are the characters you can expect during the extravagant party HOTEL ZIMMERMAN ★★, as the most outrageous and freaky party hotel in The Netherlands opens its doors.

Check in on Saturday, March 5th 2016, at HOTEL ZIMMERMAN ★★ on the tenth floor of the Maassilo in Rotterdam and immerse yourself unabashedly in a colorful assembly of hotel guests and staff. A wild hotel night you won’t quickly forget: this night the roof of the Rotterdam Maassilo will be blown off. A bad night’s sleep is guaranteed!

Star Status

Hotel Zimmerman boasts only two stars, but precisely because of this extraordinary “star status,” special hotel guests arrive and events unfold that can’t bear the light of day. In the hotel lobby, you’ll be warmly welcomed by TanzMan, Fraulein Z, and none other than Eastern European Marika Rossa. It’s a premiere, as this techno diva is performing in the Netherlands for the first time. Moreover, you can also find an interview on this site about Fraulein Z‘s debut as a DJ.

herrzimmermancrowd foto by jeff lanet marcelineke - Wild night at Hotel Zimmerman ★★

Marika Rossa

Marika Rossa is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and rising female techno DJs in Europe. Over the past years, she has been a well-received techno artist at various festivals and clubs in Germany and Eastern Europe. Her numerous techno releases regularly climb the Beatport Charts, including her latest hit release “Half Life.” On Saturday, March 5th, Marika Rossa will finally perform in the Netherlands, and with Fraulein Z also in the lineup, this represents one of the fiercest imaginable female techno lineups you can think of.

The House of Boys

While in the lobby of HOTEL ZIMMERMAN ★★, the female DJ beauty dominates, at the same time, The House of Boys will turn Hotelzimmer 69 upside down. A new extravagant and creative gay-minded organization featuring DJs like Monsieur Electricien (KAIN) and Aron Mutsaars. They will make it challenging for the hotel guests to leave their hotel room on this Saturday night.

frauleinz marcelineke - Wild night at Hotel Zimmerman ★★

10 Years of Herr Zimmerman Parties

The extravagant parties, playful themes, and unique techno sound of the Herr Zimmerman events are a fixture in the dance scene. With their wildly popular parties, Mario and Linda of Herr Zimmerman are building a successful reputation for exactly 10 years this year. They have grown from a small obscure underground club into a mature party production house and techno record label, with 22 tracks on the request. Moreover, Herr Zimmerman will launch its first Herr Zimmerman festival in June 2016!

Photo Herr Zimmerman: Jeff Lanet

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