Wilde nacht tijdens Hotel Zimmerman ★★

marikarossa110 marcelineke - Wilde nacht tijdens Hotel Zimmerman ★★

Sexy kamermeisjes, foute filmsterren, vriendelijke piccolo’s, hete hotelhostesses en geheimzinnige gigolo’s. Deze personages kun je verwachten tijdens de extravagante party HOTEL ZIMMERMAN ★★, wanneer het meest foute en freaky partyhotel van Nederland de deuren opent.   Check zaterdag 5 maart in bij HOTEL ZIMMERMAN ★★ op de tiende verdieping van de Maassilo in Rotterdam en […]

Dance Fair 2016 huge HoT success

dancefair succes HoT marcelineke - Dance Fair 2016 huge HoT success

Dance Fair 2016 huge HoT success Blog for House of Tracks – February 2016 The weekend of February 13/14th 2016 was a sunny day, also for House of Tracks. That weekend, during Dance Fair 2016, we launched a HoT new service on our site that allows our visitors to buy and sell unique vocals! Aside from […]

Axel Doorman (NL): “I was 17 and extremely obstinate”

Kingsday 2016: Having a blast with mr Handsome aka DJ/producer Axel Doorman \0/

From the first moment they met, Axel Doorman and Marcy Goes Wild hit it off. Not romantically, although Axel on an esthetic and personality level actually is one of those rare proverbial ‘god’s gifts to women’. A real friendship evolved. In 2016 Marceline published the story of Axel’s first gig. “I was on the line-up […]