Fraulein Z (NL): “I hardly remember my first performance”

Fraulein Z behind the decks
Marcy Goes Wild learned more about the DJ-debut of the Dutch Linda Zimmerman aka Fraulein Z.

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DJ Fraulein Z

In 2014 Marcy Goes Wild learned more about the DJ-debut of the Dutch Linda Zimmerman aka Fraulein Z: “Pretty soon it became obvious that my edgy choice of music was best received when I was the closing DJ."

“In 2006 TanzMan Herr Zimmerman and I started a club-night together a former meat factory. We also programmed the line-up of course.”

Hectic period

“My first gig ever was around that same time, when the weekly Herr Zimmerman-night was introduced. To be honest, I hardly remember my first performance though. Not because I was drunk or otherwise intoxicated by this or that, but because it was such a hectic period.”


“In reality I simply didn’t have the time to be nervous. Aside from playing I had a lot of other stuff on my mind. I was incredibly busy with running the club-night and when there was a register- or bar problem, it was up to me to fix it.”

Unique fusion

“We started our club evening with a complete personal and innovative vision as far as sound was concerned, as well as the unique fusion of the audience. It was great to see that they like our sound, which was soon afterwards called ‘the Herr Zimmerman sound’.”

Fraulein Z behind the decks

From the beginning till the end

“Since I didn’t have time to be nervous, I obviously had no time to prepare a set. I just monitored the crowd to decide in what direction I would take the music – of course within my repertoire. This is how I still go about it. My goal is to get people to dance from the beginning till the end and that’s exactly what happens.”

Progressive thinking international artists

“In those days I played with several renowned and progressive thinking international artists, for example DJ Hell, Dr. Lektoluv, The Hacker, David Caretta, Adriano Canzian and the, at that point still unknown Gesaffelstein.”

Fraulein Z auf Festival

Edgy choice of music

“Pretty soon it became obvious that my edgy choice of music (back then I only played with vinyl) was best received when I was the last DJ of the night. In 2009 we started organizing a monthly party in club Factory 010. Since then I’ve been the closing DJ of almost every event. TanzMan always opens the night en in between us, we book an international guest-artist.”

Lake in the middle of a forest

“(Inter)nationally I’ve been the closing DJ at some great events. I was in Flex in Vienna, I played at the Italian Electrode Festival in Rome and at the Platonic Love Electro club-night on Sicily. Herr Zimmerman and I also hosted a Herr Zimmerman tent at Dance Valley and at Music Republic in Rotterdam. This summer I will play with Anthony Rother and Arnaud Rebotoni at the Italian Free Field Festival, which takes place next to lake, in the middle of a forest, situated a little south of Rome.”

Photo credit: Jeff Lanet, FR

Included a track by Fraulein Z –  ‘Zug nach Herr Zimmerman’.  It was released in the summer of 2014 with remixes by artists as Angy Kore (IT) en The Horrorist (USA).

And of course the YouTube link of Fraulein Z’s first track – Sex Shooter


This interview was originally published on May 7th 2014

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