Alavux (SRB): “Nobody showed me how to organize a live set”

DJ producer Alavux
Read the story of the Serbian Goran Alavuks aka DD/producer Alavux' debut as a DJ.

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goran alavux 1 - Alavux (SRB): "Nobody showed me how to organize a live set"

In 2017 Marcy Goes Wild spoke with the Serbian DJ/producer Goran Alavuks.

“My first performance took place onParty Boat Kolos in Belgrade, Serbia. I was nineteen years old at the time.”

Early stages

“I was very nervous for that gig. Especially because nobody had shown me how to organize a live set or build it up. I did have a few ideas, but I was still in the early stages of production.”

Unknown territory

“The audience was varied, but consisted mainly of techno enthusiasts. I had only prepared the complete set in the Cubase vst 3.5 version on the my computer and with my Roland MC 505. As I told you, I was very much in the start of my musical career and it was still completely unknown territory to me. During the gig, I had some problems with changing programs – something that happens automatically nowadays, but was rather difficult at the time. “


“I did not have a mentor, I never had one. Fortunately, my friends and family attended my debut to support me. At the time of that first performance, I did not have a girlfriend either whom I wanted to impress. I was mostly doing it to find out how the Midi worked and how I could get around the entire production myself. “


“In the end, the performance was rather chaotic, which is always the case at the best parties. I was both satisfied and a bit disappointed at the same time about my performance. I was glad that we finally found a place where we could have parties and play music. I was disappointed because the planned line-up had little respect for us. But in the end it was still a fun party. “

“I made big mistakes that first time, but it was my first live performance and a good experience for future gigs. I learned not to use long, slow intros; people want to continuously dance – all the time. In addition, I have learned to ensure that the sound runs smoothly. Nobody wants to hear through large loudspeakers how to select your next record. “

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