Afrozoid (BR): “In the ballroom of a catholic church”

Afrozoid brothers when they were kids
In 2017 Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with the Brazilian producers/DJ-duo Afrozoid. They remenissed: “Every time something went wrong, the audience yelled: ‘Booo'!"

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Phabian Oldschool 01 1024x768 - Afrozoid (BR): "In the ballroom of a catholic church"

In 2017 Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with Phabian Edward and Rafael Lopez aka the Brazilian producers/DJ-duo Afrozoid. In the interview for the unfortunately no longer existing, they remenissed: “Every time something went wrong, the audience yelled: ‘Booo'!"

Afrozoid Oldschool 01 1 1024x768 - Afrozoid (BR): "In the ballroom of a catholic church"

“We were still really young at the time of our first gig. Phabian was fourteen and Rafael twelve. Although Phabian was older, he was a lot more nervous than Rafael, who remained very calm.”

Neighborhood party

“There was no specific audience that night. It was in the ballroom of a catholic church, at a neighborhood-party in São Paulo (Brasil) and the people just wanted to dance. Remember, it was 1996, and there were no party competitors at that time. We mostly played garage house and Chicago house.”

Mixing every day

“Did we prepare the set on beforehand? Well, we were mixing every day anyway. Everything was new to us. We possessed a few records that we knew by heart and had decided before the gig where we would mix in the next record.”

Rafael Lopez Oldschool 02 1024x768 - Afrozoid (BR): "In the ballroom of a catholic church"


“Our family was not present that night to support us, but some of our friends were there. Especially school friends, but also neighbors and friends from our quarter. And our father supported us from the very beginning, because he used to be a DJ himself. He also was our mentor. Beside him we had a friend that gave us instructions and taught us how to mix.”


“That first gig turned out to be quite a challenge. Phabian didn’t succeed in mixing because he was so nervous to play in front of an audience. Every time something went wrong, the audience booed. Rafael on the contrary, was calm and succeeded in doing a great set. The audience clearly preferred his performance that night.”

Rafael Lopez Oldschool 04 768x1024 - Afrozoid (BR): "In the ballroom of a catholic church"


“In hindsight Phabian logically was not very pleased with the criticism he got from friends and neighbors. Rafael was of course very happy with all the compliments he got. After this gig Phabian started to practice even more to improve his performance and Rafael continued to do what he was doing already.”

Rafael Lopez Oldschool 01 1024x718 - Afrozoid (BR): "In the ballroom of a catholic church"


“We always liked music, ever since we were kids. We listened to the radio and whenever we could, went to clubs in the city. It became more and more clear that this is what we wanted to do in the future. Through software as Cakewalk and Buss we also got more interested in producing.”


“In 2002 Rafael produced a few techno and drum’n bass tracks. When both projects got attention from DJs as Marky, he released under his former alias Los 3 Brasileros a few tracks in Germany. In 2008 Phabian started his label Válvuda Records and in 2013 we joined forces in our project Afrozoid. In Afrizoid our knowledge of techno, house and Detroit-styles are united.”

“What we want to express to other producers, is the tip to always check the history of the track and the origine of the DJ’s and producers. Be sure to always be up-to-date.”

AFROZOID EDTATAS 77 1024x683 - Afrozoid (BR): "In the ballroom of a catholic church"


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This interview was originally published on on Thursday September 14th 2017.

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