MGW #7: 5 x Timeless tracks that should be present at every house party

Photo credit: Hanny Naibaho

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Some tracks unmistakable head the list of epic house classics - for always and ever. Opinionated, timeless tracks with a undeniable own sound, that, from the first second on, sets the tone and forces experts to rebound their head. Enclosed tracks are only five examples of tracks that reached this status. In a future edition of this segment more of these top-productions will be put in the spotlights. 

My personal favorite remains Plastic Dreams by Jaydee aka Robin Albers. In the nineties Robin, to me, was an intimidating house hero whom I had never expected to meet in person. It’s a long way that has no turning. These days I dare to call Robin a friend.


Since a visit to the Dance Fair last year, the successor on my list, Secret Cinema, has become even more special than before. During a very interesting lecture by Jeroen Verheij – mister Secret Cinema – the intriguing story behind the track Timeless Altitude came to life for me. Considering the fact that this title is still perfectly applicable to this pearl, it was extremely well-chosen, back in the day.  The fifth timeless track on my random order list is also of Dutch origin. Quazar = Gert van Veen.

Timeless tracks

It’s rather obvious: Robin, Jeroen and Gert stood at the cradle of house music and produced more than once epic and timeless tracks. To these men, among some others, to these pioneers, we should say thanks, at the very least because they’re the ones whom are responsible for the fact that The Netherlands, a quarter of a century later, are still ‘the place to be’ when it comes down to quality high-end dance music. Until today they’re a huge source of inspiration for many others! And that’s something we may all be very proud of!

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (1993)

Secret Cinema – Timeless Altitude (1994)

The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon mix) (1992)

Humanoid-Stakker Humanoid (1988)

Quazar – The Seven Stars (1991)

Producers work their butts off. The result is that every single day thousands of new tracks are released! How to stand out from the crowd? What makes YOU so special? Along with that it becomes almost impossible for DJ’s to actually find those pearls in the endless stream of new releases? To achieve that would be a fulltime day-job! Pretty overwhelming for any passionate music lover. I aim to create a path in the musical jungle of now and sometimes then. Every edition 5 tracks will be put in random order in the spotlight – in general dance related, but a rare trip down memory lance is very well possible. As is a wink to a piece of music history.

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