Jeane Isadou (NL): “I lost all courage”

Jeane Isadou
Mutual acquaintances led to meeting each other. Just like every DJ, Jeane Isadou has her own unique story about that first time.

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Malissa aka Jeane Isadou and I met in 2016 through mutual acquaintances. Malissa gladly told the unique story of her DJ debut.

“The first time I saw someone playing vinyl, was at a friends house.This friend turned out to be my future mentor, Dima. Dima was able to seamlessly mix two tracks. This fascinated me enormously. I wanted to understand how he did it, but every time I tried, I failed.”

Happy as a child

“At a certain point I bought my own turntables. Slowly yet steadily I started building a collection of house, minimal and techno tracks. You can imagine that I was happy as a child when I finally succeeded in mixing two records together. Proud as a peacock I presented my new skills to Dima.”

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“In 2012 I was a contestant in the TWSTD dj-contest. That was my first performance in front of an audience. This took place in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam.

Adult style

“On top of that, the booth was equipped with an Allen & Heath mixer instead of the Pioneer that I was familiar with. I lost all courage but when I put the first record on, all my nerves evaporated. After my set I thought: ‘I totally enjoyed this feeling. I want to do this more often’. According to the jury I had a beautiful, strong and adult style. I was through to the quarter final.”


“Before my gigs, I usually already select some track that are on mu mind. I spend a lot of attention to creating a special intro and combining genres. Having my music categorized, allows me to improvise faster during a performance.”

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To smile

“I prefer to play techno. It gives me an enormous boost. Sometimes I even forget to smile during a set, because I am completely focussed and so much enjoying myself.”


“At home I play all styles of music. Once a week I play soul/disco together with my uncle, for instance. And he’s better at it than me, hehe. When I’m on my own minimal tracks are often first go-to-music. During a gig I like to mix in fast, but when it’s a podcast, it’s a different cup of tea. The aim is to present the most beautiful side of a track.”


“Every gig is exciting. Luckily, these days I am able to eat before a gig. Putting the first track on the turntables scares of those last nerves. Exactly how my first gig went. My friends’ enthusiasm has totally motivated me to continue my path in music.”

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“I remember well that during ADE 2014 me and my agency XT3.AM wereinvited to play at Dockyard festival. I had half an hour left before it was my time. I must have walked around at least ten times.  In retrospective, I absolutely enjoyed the experience and received some amazing feedback.”

Orange Room

“Last year I became a resident of Orange Room Nijmegen. These days I play with Jan Liefhebber (resident Orange Room) on a regular basis. We always have a blast. Also I have learned tons from Jan. Last year we did a four hour long B2B set. That’s when I became very aware of his immense experience. Every once in a while, I still made some small mistakes. I still do.”

“In my everyday life I’m a nurse. I work at the weirdest hours. Therefore I am sometimes not able to play on weekends.”

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