Uncertain: “Pretty pumped up for the event”

Boriqua Tribez at his first gig
Uncertain has a vivid memory of his first gig in front of an international audience. No-one other than UMEK organized the event.

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BT Fresh - Uncertain: “Pretty pumped up for the event"

In January 2016 I had the opportunity to have a chat with Boriqua Tribez. These days he uses the alias Uncertain. Naturally I asked him about his first gig memories.

“The first international gig I had, was around 2003 in Nova Gorica. No-one else than UMEK organized the event.”

BT Oldskool 768x576 - Uncertain: “Pretty pumped up for the event"

Not the least names

“I got to follow the footsteps of not the least names. The legendary 65D Mavericks, DJ Preach and the Slovenian veteran DJ Veztax paved the way for me.”


“I was pretty pumped up for the event. With a good reason. The party was completely sold-out, which totally exceeded our expectations.”

Uncertain 2013 768x576 - Uncertain: “Pretty pumped up for the event"

Two persons

“In those days our project Boriqua Tribez existed of two people (Rainer Gonaus aka DJ. LQ. and Andreas Herrmann aka Profan, red.) Together we prepared as well as we could. In the end though, we mostly went along with the vibe of the moment. First my ex-partner played live, after that I did my DJ-set.”

Unforgettable memory

“In the beginning I was pretty nervous. The crowd encouraged me to share this incredible journey. Being an artist, you always keep growing. You move forwards, one of the the most important things in life. That first gig was an amazing experience and a memory that will last forever.”

Uncertain October 2023 768x1005 - Uncertain: “Pretty pumped up for the event"
“I stopped with Boriqua in 2018. This year, in 2019, I started a new project under the name Uncertain. It is already going well with many releases this year. 2020 will be even bigger. I’ll be touring again soon.”

This interview with Uncertain is originally published on January 14th 2016 on DJMag.nl.

Who is Uncertain?

Since the year 2000 Uncertain, formerly known as Boriqua Tribez, is an unstoppable force within the pumpin techno genre. Uncertain’s prevailing interest for disco/funk/old school/percussion-sounds is responsible for his unique style and mixture of classic elements and techno music, whether as a DJ (since 1989) or producer.

Playing parties around the globe such as APOKALYPSA (CZ), FLORIDA 135 (ESP), TECHNO-FLASH (ESP), FABRIK (ESP), ECO FESTIVAL (SLO), M47 (HUN), AMBASADA GAVIOLI (SLO), INDUSTRIAL COPERA (ESP), PULSE FESTIVAL (SLO) to name but a few underline his boundless passion for DJing. DJ-support from the likes of Ben Sims, Carl Cox, DJ Rush, Umek, Cristian Varela, DJ Murphy, The Advent, etc. confirmed Uncertain’s recognition as an artist.

After releasing and remixing on several advanced techno labels in the past decade (Moop Up, Recycled Loops, Ingoma, Naked Lunch, Spilo, HzTrax, Patterns, etc.) Uncertain started his own Label called “BASICS” in 2008.

After 12 releases from artists like Ben Sims, David Moleon, Cave, Carl Falk, etc. and Uncertain himself he decided to shut down the label end of 2011 focusing back onto his real intension: DJing and production. Furthermore he started to work on more mental stuff which will be released on Labels such as Naked Lunch (A.Paul) and Amigos Recordings.

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