Uncertain (SVN): “Pretty pumped up for the event”

Boriqua Tribez at his first gig
Uncertain has a vivid memory of his first gig in front of an international audience. "No-one other than UMEK organized the event."

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BT Fresh - Uncertain (SVN): “Pretty pumped up for the event"

In January 2016 Marceline shortly had the opportunity to have a chat with the Slovenian DJ/producer Boriqua Tribez. Naturally she asked him about his memories of his first gig.

“The first international gig I had, was around 2003 in Nova Gorica (Slovenia). No-one else than UMEK organized the event.”

Not the least names

“I got to follow the footsteps of not the least names. The legendary 65D Mavericks, DJ Preach and the Slovenian veteran DJ Veztax paved the way for me.”


“I was pretty pumped up for the event. With a good reason. The party was completely sold-out, which totally exceeded our expectations.”

BT Oldskool - Uncertain (SVN): “Pretty pumped up for the event"

Two persons

“In those days our project Boriqua Tribez existed of two people (Rainer Gonaus aka DJ. LQ. and Andreas Herrmann aka Profan, red.) Together we prepared as well as we could. In the end though, we mostly went along with the vibe of the moment. First my ex-partner played live, after that I did my DJ-set.”

Unforgettable memory

“In the beginning I was pretty nervous. The crowd encouraged me to share this incredible journey. Being an artist, you always keep growing. You move forwards, one of the the most important things in life. That first gig was an amazing experience and a memory that will last forever.”

“In 2018 ben ik met Boriqua gestopt. Dit jaar, in 2019, ben ik een nieuwe project gestart onder de naam Uncertain. Het loopt al lekker met veel releases dit jaar. 2020 wordt nog groter. Binnenkort ga ik ook weer toeren.” 

This article is originally published on January 14th 2016 on DJMag.nl.

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