Hellboy: “Extremely critical of myself”

Hellboy March 13th 2022
The Polish hard techno DJ/producer Hellboy had his first gig at a techno party in Krakau, that he had organized himself. “Most of all I was very excited!”

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The Polish Lukasz Mulka a.k.a. DJ/producer Hellboy had his first gig at a techno party in Krakow, that he had organized himself. DJ Rush was his mentor. “Most of all I was very excited!”

“My first gig took place in a club in Krakow. I organized my first techno party there, called Techno Terror. That was sometime in 2002 or 2003. I was twenty years old at the time.”

Underground scene

“I can’t say I was very nervous. Maybe just the first five minutes of my set. Above all, I was very excited. About two hundred and fifty people had come to the club. That’s the normal underground scene in the center of Krakow.”

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Go wild

“I never prepare my sets. I always follow the vibe. I just pick two tracks that I mix in the best way and then I go wild. Preparing a set at home is not my style.”

Parted well

“My friend Artur was there for support. He had much more experience as a DJ. Therefore, I had organized the party together with him. We’ve wanted that for years. At some point our paths parted but we parted well.”

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“I did have a mentor. That was DJ Rush in 2000. It all started with him. In the end, of course, Rush wasn’t in the club when I played. There wasn’t a girl I wanted to impress either.” (laugsh). “That first gig was actually a test for myself to see if I was made for the DJ profession. As you can see, I’m still spinning and I’m also producing. Awesome!”


“It’s hard to say how that first gig went. I am extremely critical of myself. These were my first steps on the dance path, so it certainly wasn’t perfect. I ask a lot of myself, so I think it could have been better. In the end I don’t like judging my own gigs because it always comes down to the fact that I could have done more, better, longer or harder. You know what I mean.” (laughs) “The perfectionist in me strives for perfection, but at the same time I want to keep growing.”

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Ready for more

“So, I was fifty percent satisfied with my performance and ready for more. More sets and more experience. Moreover, I realized that I was far from finished learning. At first, I didn’t have my own gear. I used the equipment of friends or at the parties where I had the chance to spin. Fortunately, I am a good student. I started with vinyl and then switched to CDs.”

“Although my set didn’t go completely smoothly, I don’t think I made any major mistakes. The record didn’t suddenly stop while spinning and I mostly played classics. In the end I learned that I could improve my mixing technique considerably and that my choice of music also left something to be desired. Nowadays I mix my tracks a lot easier and smoother.”

This article is originally published in August 2017 on DJMag.nl

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