Irregular Synth: “Felt a tremendous sense of calm”

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Vincenzo Palumbo a.k.a. Irregular Synth's first official gig took place in The Netherlands. "My parents had to give permission for the flight because I was only seventeen."

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Italian Vincenzo Palumbo a.k.a. techno DJ/producer Irregular Synth started playing at a young age. When he was 17 he had his first gig at a festival in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. The gig made a huge impression on him. When we met in 2017, he told me all about it. “I looked like a little boy who had been given new toys for Christmas.”

“I started my career when I was eleven years old. Being a DJ at that age was kind of weird. All my friends played football or asked their parents for a new scooter, but I only had one wish: turntables. I saved some money and bought two Technics 1210s. I can’t remember exactly how many parties I’ve played since then, but I remember my first professional and international gig very well. How can I forget it? I was seventeen and was allowed to play in Bloemendaal in the Netherlands. It was ‘huge and unforgettable!”

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Sense of calm

“Because it was my first time playing at a big festival, I was super excited. And very nervous too, yes. The night before I couldn’t sleep. Once on site, I was faced with a large crowd and a nice sound system. When I was behind the decks, however, I was overcome by a tremendous sense of calm. Because Bloemendaal is a coastal town, there were many tourists. In general, it was a fine audience that was well trained musically.”

Positive feelings

“I never prepare my sets. Usually, I bring some new tracks along to try out, but I don’t like to prepare everything. Playing at a festival or in a club means that I want to get in touch with the dance floor. You have to be in a club first to experience the vibe that prevails there. Next, it’s important to make a connection with the dance floor through your music. You can’t do that if you prepared your set at home. I share my own positive feelings directly with the crowd on the dance floor.”

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Massive support

“My friends and family have always supported and encouraged me immensely. However, you mainly get massive support from those who are in love with your music, your followers, those who buy your music and every soul on every dance floor you play for.”

Strong discussions

“I don’t have a mentor directly, but I do have a great relationship with my management, who have been managing my affairs for years. Of course, I sometimes have serious discussions with them before I make an important decision.”

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Permission for the flight

“The club was full at that first gig. It was a festival with well-known headliners, and I was one of the first DJs. I was nervous and excited because it was the first time I had to take a plane to play. Besides that, I was alone. My parents had to give permission for the flight because I was only seventeen. The promoter first took me to the center of Amsterdam, where I walked through the center for a while. I could hardly believe this was happening to me – it was fantastic!”

Little boy

“In retrospect, I was both happy and satisfied. You should have seen my face at the end of the set. I looked like a little boy who had been given new toys for Christmas.” (laughs)

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“I learned from that first gig how to check the decks and not to panic when I start spinning. That’s important if you want to send the people in the direction you have in mind.”

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