MMM: Paula Cazenave (Spain) – Small posture, great personality!

Paula Cazenave and Marcelineke

Marcy’s Wall of Talent:Paula Cazenave –Small posture, great personality! ADE 2016: Although we were at the same event during ADE 2015 and I even wrote a small article on Facebook about her back then, we had never met: miss Paula Cazenave and myself. Yes, this talented DJ/producer named Paula Cazenave was performing at an event organized by of one […]

MMM: K Alexi Shelby (US) – K hugged me as if we were old friends

K Alexi Shelby and marceline MWoT

Marcy’s Memorable Meets: K Alexi Shelby (US) – K hugged me as if we were old friends-  The first time I heard the track Kiss The Dragon by Marshall Jefferson feat. K Alexi was in May 2016. I was immediately charmed by it. The track tells the story of K’s basement or ‘dungeon’, where he and his […]

MMM: DJ Kiki Tao (NL) – Nowadays also known as Shaman

DJ Kiki Tao and Marceline at the Cannabis Freedom Day 2012

Soon after my love and I slowly started our relationship, it became clear to me that, while I was new in the Amsterdam dance scene, he had been around for over twenty years. He had experience the emergence of dance music, most of these years as a practicing DJ himself. Therefore, he was acquainted with, from […]

MMM: DJ Enrico Sangiuliano (Italy) – “Marcelina!”, he called!

DJ Enrico Sangiuliano and Marceline ADE 2016

When I met the talented Italian techno-producer and DJ Enrico Sangiuliano in 2014, he was still an upcoming star. His fame was growing slowly and steadily, that’s for sure, but hadn’t reached the present heights yet. I met him and his partner at that time, Silvia, during ADE at an intimate setting in the Cue […]

MMM: Misja Wielings aka DJ/Producer Misja Xampl (NL)

Horecava 2017: Selfie made by DJ Misja Xample with Marceline

The facebook-group Huppels plays a significant role in my getting acquainted with in the Amsterdam dance scene. Since the late eighties I had lived in Kansas City (Mo. USA), Reims (France), Brussels (Belgium) and Tilburg, but never in Amsterdam. The Huppels-group – about which I explain more in my memories with DJ BeNRG – digitally opened up […]

MMM: DJ/producer Gino Lightner (US)

DJ Gino Lightner, me and Sander

When I first met DJ Gino Lightner I couldn’t really get a grasp on this extravagant American. That was about six years ago, when I just got together with my my love as well. My love always knew where the best (illegal) underground parties were, so life at that moment never held a dull moment. At […]

MWoT: Wim Vanoeveren aka DJ/producer Tom Hades (Belgium)

Tom Hades and Marceline first interview

In the period that I met the Flemisch Wim Vanoeveren, better known as DJ/producer Tom Hades, I was still slightly intimidated by the status of the person sitting in front of me, whom I, simple Marceline, was going to interview. Not per se because, in this case, Tom was one of the ‘socially succeeded’ DJ’s, […]

MMM: Paulo Pereira aka DJ/producer A.Paul (Portugal)

A.Paul and Marceline

Who would have thought that in October 2016 I actually would visit and stay with DJ/producer A.Paul (Paulo Pereira) and his lovely wife Sandra aka the driving force behind Naked Lunch Records, in their house in Portugal? A house that officially belongs to, of all people, Cisco Ferreira aka DJ/producer The Advent. It’s a crazy world. […]

MWoT: Michel van Boekel aka DJ Michel Becks (The Netherlands)

Michel Becks and Marceline

Before I met him in real life, ‘DJ Michel Becks’ was a name that I’d heard many times – Michel’s reputation preceded him. Totally justified his sets got masses of credits and in my perspective the man had reached an intimidating successful status.  Imagine my surprise when, in the winter of 2013, I found myself at the Recycle […]

MWoT: DJ/Producer Nicole Moudaber (Libanon)

DJ/producer Nicole Moudaber and Marceline

In April 2014 the ‘queen of dark techno’, producer/DJ Nicole Moudaber, was playing at the event Compound in Zaandam (The Netherlands) Het event took place at the at that point rather new location  Taets. Before her performance I interviewed Nicole for almost two hours about her then being an incredibly fast rising star and about her life before […]

MWoT: Celeste Perez-Vivas aka DJ Celeste (NL)

DJ Celeste and Marceline

The Facebook-group Huppels aimed at dance/classic-loving people. From the start the group was almost addictive because of the huge recognition that the initial relatively small amount of members (I was #28 myself) felt. We were connected by passion for the same music, generation and lots of humor. DJ Celeste was also a ‘Huppel’-pioneer, which was one […]