K Alexi Shelby hugged me as if we were old friends

K Alexi Shelby and marceline MWoT
When K Alexi and I met for the first time, it felt as if we had known each other for ages.

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The first time I heard the track Kiss The Dragon by Marshall Jefferson feat. K Alexi was in May 2016. I was immediately charmed by it. The track tells the story of K’s basement or ‘dungeon’, where he and his teenage friends (girls and boys) used to hang out, played music and got high. ‘Back in the day’.

At first I wondered what the track title Kiss The Dragon meant but I learned soon that, apart from the sexually orientated obvious meaning, kissing the dragon also applies when you blow the smoke you just inhaled from a joint directly into someone else’s mouth.

While ADE 2016 was full on, K Alexi and I got talking via Facebook messenger and when he told me he would be playing in a whiskey bar in Amsterdam the next day, I decided to go there and meet the master in the flesh.

Suddenly face-to-face with Joe Smooth

When I arrived, K Alexi was already behind the wheels of steel and set a great atmosphere. I ran into a friend Simone and her friends, a woman and a large black man. The latter introduced himself as Joe Smooth. ‘Joe Smooth’, I stumbled with disbelief, before I introduced myself, overwhelmed to find myself totally unexpected in the company of yet another one of the most respected house veterans alive.

When K Alexi finished his sunny and happy set, he hugged me as if we’d known each other for years and that’s how it felt as well when we got a chance to have a drink together and chat in real life. Ever since then we keep up with what’s generally going on in each other’s lives. Long live Facebook! Proud to know this man who stood at the birth of house!

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