MWoT: Wim Vanoeveren aka DJ/producer Tom Hades (Belgium)

Tom Hades and Marceline first interview

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Tom Hades and Marceline first interviewIn the period that I met the Flemisch Wim Vanoeveren, better known as DJ/producer Tom Hades, I was still slightly intimidated by the status of the person sitting in front of me, whom I, simple Marceline, was going to interview. Not per se because, in this case, Tom was one of the ‘socially succeeded’ DJ’s, or even people in general, but most and fore all because I admired them for being able to pay the bills by doing what they love to do: produce and play great music!

Tom Hades and Marceline ADE 2015

I knew and know plenty of struggling DJ’s who’ve been trying for almost thirty years now to raise above the average and get the recognition they at least themselves think they deserve. Lots of them have worked just as hard as the next ‘renowned’ DJ, yet never got to jump to the next level. The level of global recognition.

ADE 2015: Tom Hades and Marceline

DJ/producer Tom Hades succeeded in achieving that recognition. Well-deserved! Aside from being the talented, hard-working and passionate artist he is, I learned during that first interview that this man oozes rest, while, according to his own words, at home he can never sit still. Tom’s view on life and the world touched me, his open character and smile charmed me and it felt like we could talk forever about all of this and our beloved techno music. Of course there’s never enough time. The extended interview was published on of course, in October 2014, as well as the on June 18th 2014 published DJ/producer’s Tom Hades’ First Gig. The interview can also be read here, and Tom’s My First Gig here.

ADE 2016 Tom Hades and Marceline and othersADE 2016 Tom Hades and Marceline

Tom and I have seen each other and talked several times since then. The highlight of our conversations until now though, was last week when Tom actually had dinner in my own home and finally we had some uninterrupted time to catch up. I gave him the choice in between lasagne, bami or a typical Dutch dish: zuurkoolstamppot. He chose bami. Think he liked it!

Tom Hades in Marceline's home in ZaandamReady to leave from home: Marceline and Tom HadesTom Hades and Marceline in Toost Boilerroom ZaandamTom Hades enjoying the meal Marceline cooked: bami

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