Nicole Moudaber: “I can push Europeans more”

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In 2014 I chatted on three occasions with Nicole Moudaber and we met twice in person. The first encounter was Amsterdam calling Miami.

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NICOLE MOUDABER PROFILE SEPIAmg - Nicole Moudaber: “I can push Europeans more”

Nicole Moudaber is looking forward to it. Next weekend the ‘Queen of Dark Techo’ will be banging at Compound, Evolution of Techno in Taets Zaandam. As we speak, she’s sitting on the balcony of her hotel in Miami, enjoying a cup of coffee and the amazing view. In a little bit, she will pack her cases for London, to return to Miami until she can settle down in Zaandam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam is not unknown to Nicole Moudaber. Long before she started producing and DJing, she visited the Dutch capital with the one and only aim to party. “I loved clubbing in Amserdam with my friends. We went to the Escape, the RoXY and of club iT. Also, I had numerous after parties at places of which I can’t even remember the name”, she chuckles.

She’s very much anticipating reconnecting this weekend with all those old friends. These days socializing-time is something that lacks. Therefore, excited: “They are all coming to Compound!”.

Danny Tenaglia

Since months, Nicole Moudaber has been flying from here to there. In Miami, where she stayed the past weeks to attend Winter Music Dance Conference, she performed in sold-out clubs with icons like Danny Tenaglia. At Compound her audience will be roughly 5000 techno lovers. “Although smaller clubs are somewhat more intimate, generally the energy is comparable”, is her experience. She highlights different styles in Europe than in the United States, she admits. “In the States people prefer more drums and percussion. In Europe I can let go and be much more adventurous. Europeans are more understanding. They are more cultivated, more creative. I can push them just a bit more”, enthusiastically rolls out of her mouth.

Billy Nasty

Of all the artists on the line-up, that includes among others Regis, A&S, Ramy and Exium, she only knows Joel Mull personally. The Nigerian-Lebanese Nicole Moudaber likes reconnecting with him. In the early days, she played Billy Nasty, who’s performing in the classic techno area, in her car. She predicts: “I will be hanging out all night.”

nicole moudaber compound marcelineke - Nicole Moudaber: “I can push Europeans more”

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