BEC (UK): “It was a great vibe! Lots of energy”

DJ BEC (US) at her First Gig
In 2017 Marceline interviewed the British Rebecca Godfrey aka DJ/producer BEC about her debut. “That first gig was such a big deal to me.

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In 2017 Marceline interviewed the British DJ/producer BEC about her debut. “That first gig was such a big deal to me."

“My first club gig was at a venue in South London. De club was called Brixton Jamm. However, before that I used to play at friend’s house parties in London quite often. These were quite big parties often with curated line-ups. That way I got a bit of practice before eventually having my first proper club gig.”

Proper Londoners

“That club gig was in 2014 when I was 23. So not too long ago actually! The audience was full of proper Londoners. Truly British crowd, and not many people from elsewhere! It was a great vibe though! Lots of energy.”


“I prepared extensively for my set. Actually, far too much! Now that I’m more experienced, I think it’s usually way better to just go with the flow and work with the crowd! These days I only prepare for a set if it’s an incredibly important one, or if it’s being live streamed somewhere.”  


“That first gig was such a big deal to me. I invited all my close friends and actually most of them came along to support, which I was so thankful for!”

BEC MAIN PRESS PHOTO web 820x1024 - BEC (UK): “It was a great vibe! Lots of energy”

Trading graphic design

“You ask if I had a mentor? In a way I did. ­­­A few other friends who were also DJs, ­­were the ones who encouraged me to start playing out in the first place. Two of them, Conor Newman and Paolo Gallardo, were who got me quite a few of my very first club gigs in London at venues such as Brixton Jamm, Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel and Café 1001 on Brick Lane. Two other friends of mine, Kannan and Sam, spent time teaching me to DJ and let me use their decks and equipment until I eventually traded some graphic design work for a pair of technics and mixer from another friend of mine, Jez Pereria.”

Major butterflies

“I was so nervous for that first gig! I had major butterflies in my stomach, which I very rarely get. But as soon as I started playing they went away and I enjoyed it a lot. In the end, that gig in the Briston Jamm went well! I was really happy with how it went and it gave me the urge to try and play as much as possible after that! My original planned set was as the opening DJ in the second room, but I was luckily enough to spontaneously close the main room as well. Which was great for exposure as it was a much bigger room and was packed! Right after my first gig there, they offered me more dates, which was the best outcome that I could have had!”

“Thankfully I didn’t make any mistakes. I did learn an important thing though: how to interact with the crowd. That’s what’s lacking when you are DJ’ing at home or just at friends’ places. And I think it’s one of the most important things to learn, which you can only grasp by putting it into practice!”

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