Michel Becks: Cheerfull radiation

Michel Becks, So Riel and Marceline
Michel Becks: a DJ who radiates cheerfulness

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Before I met him in real life, 'DJ Michel Becks' was a name that I'd heard many times. Michel's reputation preceded him. Totally justified his sets got masses of credits and in my perspective the man had reached an intimidating successful status.  Imagine my surprise when, in the winter of 2013, I found myself at the Recycle Lounge in Amsterdam having a chat with a guy called Michel - a guy who radiated cheerfulness. And a guy whom, in retrospective, appeared to have be the well-renowned DJ Michel Becks. Right.

Until this day I can only describe Michel Becks as being extremely sympathetic and accessible. No spur of arrogance, really! Of course this house hero deserved a spot in my segment My First Gig. The interview was published on June 17th 2014. 

First conversation

Since our first meeting in December 2013 I run into Michel Becks every once in a while, because of course we wander around somewhere in the same scene and all it’s sub-scenes. And while by now I interviewed him about his very first gig, this photo was actually taken during our very first conversation. The playing DJ in the picture, So Riel, has become one of my best friends sinds then.

michel becks and marceline Dec 2013 recycle lounge.jpg crop 1024x768 - Michel Becks: Cheerfull radiation

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