My First Gig Cristian Varela (ES)

Marceline & Cristian Varela at the Dancefair 2019

In 2015 Marceline interviewed the Spanish DJ/producer Cristian Varela. “My family wasn’t particularly happy that, at that age, I was playing in a bar.”

My First Gig Raffaele Rizzi (Italy)

Marcy and Rafaelle laughing - date: October 2016

My First Gig DJ/producer Raffaele Rizzi (Italy) In March 2017 Marceline interviewed the charismatic and driven Italian techno DJ/producer Raffaele Rizzi about his DJ-debut in Naples. Raffaele remembers: “The audience was really young, warm and responsive.” “I remember my first gig very well. Thinking about it makes me a little nostalgic. My debut took place […]

My First Gig Audrey Clarke aka Lady Ace (NL)

Lady Ace during her DJ-debut

This time Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with the Dutch DJ/producer Lady Ace. “I was so nervous that, after I put on my first record, I hid behind the booth and counted till ten.”

My First Gig Axel Karakasis (Greece)

DJ Axel Karakasis at one of his first gigs in Athens

This time Marcy had a chat with the Greek DJ/producer Axel Karakasis. “When you’re that young and you attract a lot of attention, it’s pretty flattering.”