Monoline (NL): “Just started producing together”

Met Marnix en Kevin van Monoline Nijmegen
In 2016 Marcy Goes Wild interviewed Monoline about their DJ debut. "We had just stared producing together."

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Marcy Goes Wild stumbled onto the Dutch Monoline guys during ADE 2015 at Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse in Amsterdam. The Nijmegen based duo and MGW shared a laugh and an interesting chat about techno. In 2016 MGW interviewed Marnix Bruinsma & Kevin Rutten about their dj debut. “We had just started producing together.”

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“Our first gig took place at a New Years’s Eve party on December 31st 2009. The event was called Girls Love Captains and was organized by one of Marnix’s friends. He asked if we were interested in playing there.”

Common interest

“We had just started producing together. Marnix had been producing all types of electronic music for a while and Kevin had experience in playing techno. We were both interested in getting to know each other’s musical domain. So, at first, that was the main reason for us to get busy together.”


“The event would be on a boat that would leave from de Waalkade in Nijmegen. We were the only techno act and closing artist of the evening. The ship hosted about 250 people. Among them were at least twenty friends and acquaintances.”


“We weren’t terribly nervous. The alcohol we had consumed might have had something to do with that. We didn’t enter the new year 100 percent sober. (laugh) This resulted in a few errors but fortunately nothing serious. Our set lasted 1,5 hours and went fine. The audience responded enthusiastic. Especially our biggest fan from day one, Jelle Swanen, full-on yelles on several moments ‘Monoline’ all through the area.”

Monoline GLC - Monoline (NL): "Just started producing together"


“We did prepare our set a little. This means that the week before our we had sorted out tracks. Because we were the closing act, we could go for a pounding set. We mostly played tracks by artists like The Advent, Len Faki an Niereich. That night we also got to play some of our own music. After the performance we received quite some positive feedback, which is of course fantastic after a first gig. Did we learn something specific that night? Probably, because every time we play we learn something new.”

“By now we have often played at local parties in Nijmegen, e.g. Schönes Wochenende, Ti-Ta-Techno and Bauhauz. Also, we had gigs in cities like Eindhoven, Breda and Amsterdam. Our absolute highlight though, was to be able to close after Alan Fitzpatrick and Hans Bouffmhyre at Schönes Wochenende in a sold-out Waalhalla.”

This article is originally published on on January 21st 2016

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