My first official interview with a DJ. Wanna know who?

Dj Angelo d'Onorio 1996 interview

In 1996 I worked at the provincial newspaper in the south of The Netherland, the Limburgs Dagblad. They needed a music journalist who was interested in electronic music, since the most famous festival of the Netherlands at the time, Pinkpop, was going to host a dance-area for the first time ever. I was the chosen one – I got to go. First subject and now icon of Dutch dance: DJ Angelo D’Onorio.

Updated August 2018

My editor decided that, before the review of the festival itself, it would be nice if I would interview one of two Dutch DJs who would hit that stage. So I took the train and looked up DJ Angelo D’Onorio in his house at the Bilderdijkkade in Amsterdam. I was pretty intimidated by this attractive young man. Why? Because as I know now, Angelo is not only very handsome, he’s also one of the kindest en most gentle men ever and he turned out to be an true icon in the maturing of Dutch dance.

DJ Angelo D’Onorio-sound

How do I know? Well, twenty years later we met again. Not just like that; somehow our worlds seem te be intwined, so at significant moments we randomly run into each other. I was and am not only a fan of Angelo’s personality but a also huge lover of his typical DJ Angelo D’Onorio-sound.

So, a few weeks ago, he made this girl very happy by saying the words that he’s totally back in the studio again, producing new tracks, yes, with that typical warm Angelo-sound. Can’t wait!

Included for starters – in Dutch – the newspaper interview of Marcelineke with DJ Angelo D’Onorio that led to our first meeting.


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