My First Gig

Every DJ remembers it well: that first time playing outside of the safety of the own bedroom and suddenly standing in front of a crowd– however small or big. What was their experience? What is his or her unique and personal memory?

Every DJ Marcy Goes Wild has interviewed for the feature My First Gig is listed in Marcy’s DJ Alphabet. In due time all of these interviews will be found on this website in Dutch and English. 

My First Gig Rafael Lopez and Phabian Edward aka DJs/producers Afrozoid (Brasil)

Afrozoid brothers when they were kids

This week Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with the Brazilian producers/DJ-duo Afrozoid (Phabian Edward and Rafael Lopez). “Every time something went wrong, the audience yelled: ‘Booo’!” “We were still really young at the time of our first gig. Phabian was fourteen and Rafael twelve. Although Phabian was older, he was a lot […]

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