Skuffa (NL): “The response was quite positive”

Skuffa around 2005

A birthday party at a motor club. That’s where Dutch hardcore producer and DJ Skuffa had his first gig in front of an audience. In 2015 he told me the story of his DJ debut “The music hit me like a bomb.”

Jaydee (NL): “Just being silly behind the decks”

Jaydee and Marceline Wooferland by Luutse Brouwer

‘My first DJ gig, what can I say about that?’, whas the first thought that came to Robin Albers’ aka Jaydee’s mind when I asked him for this interview. After giving it some thought, he decided to share the story of his debut with me. “That’s where I got punched in the nose for the first time.”

Edwin Rutgers (NL): “Waiting for the sound equipment”

Edwin Rutgers at the time around his first gig

We met at the opening of the Recycle Lounge Gallery Club in Amsterdam, where he was playing in the garden area. Not much later I asked Dutch DJ Edwin Rutgers about his first gig. “Our goals with Drie Nul Drie was to organize small-scale, beautiful and intimate events at special locations.”

Calm Chor (IND): “Music was my lifeline”

calm chor around the time of his first gig

Our first real conversation took place while walking through Amsterdam during ADE 2016. Later the Indian Calm Chor aka Ashvin Mani Sharma told me about his surprising DJ-debut. “I had two faders per channel and small fiddly EQ knobs.”

Buddy Suwijn (NL): “Rum-coke on the side and I was on!”

Buddy and Marceline 2018

Buddy Suwijn was a latebloomer in music, but when he returned to his old love in 2012, there was no stopping him. I’ve seen his career take off and develop and I’m happy for him, because besides his talent Buddy has a heart of gold. In 2015 we talked about his first gig. “I was the only DJ. Huh?!”