MAARTōN: “Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!”

Maarton and Marceline 2017
MAARTōN and I met at the event where he had his first gig: Tryscal Techno Night in Haarlem. In 2019, MAARTōN and I looked back together on that debut. "Happy as a little child."

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Maarten Visser a.k.a. Dutch DJ/producer MAARTōN and I met at the event where he had his first gig: Tryscal Techno Night in Haarlem. We immediately clicked and it was all techno talk that night. In 2019, MAARTōN and I looked back together on that debut. "I was as happy as a little child when I was asked."

“My first time performing took place in 2017 during the second edition of Tryscal Techno Night at the Lichtfabriek in Haarlem. The party – pure underground techno – was organized by Tryscal Events. I was as happy as a little child when I was asked. A dream came true. Also because Haarlem is my hometown.”

maarton 768x768 - MAARTōN: "Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!"

Delay and Filter

“Before the party, it was still a bit exciting whether I would change the intro of my set. However, I decided in the afternoon that I would stick to my original choice. That made me quite relaxed on the evening itself. I also chose to limit myself to Delay and Filter effects. When my buddy DJ Ami Pantini and I drove to the Lichtfabriek, I felt a combination of excitement and healthy tension.”

Lost for a moment

“Because I was the opening DJ and therefore early, I could do the sound check myself. Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room! The ice was immediately broken. During the performance itself, I lost track for a moment. So much so that I repeated parts of two different tracks twice. This can be fine, provided you do it consciously and well, but in this case, it wasn’t intentional. Oops.” (laughs)

maarton 3 - MAARTōN: "Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!"

Great crowd

“I immediately encountered a fantastic light and sound installation. Large monitors stood on either side of the spacious booth, and there was a great crowd. I was the first of four DJs. After me came Wietze Young, Janjo van de Bass Collectors, and Kind of One who at the time still performed under the name Full on Funk.”

Super motivated

“The nice thing was that I was closely involved in the organization. I even helped post posters at the entrance of Mystery Land. Together with Dorien and Jos from Tryscal Events, we had been in contact with the other DJs for months and were busy with the preparations. We were super motivated to make it an unforgettable event. And it was. The evening itself turned out to be the moment when everything came together, not only for me but for all involved. The good atmosphere was literally palpable for both the organization, the DJs, and the visitors. This was later confirmed by the reactions. All in all, it was a special evening.”

maarton4 - MAARTōN: "Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!"

Journey of discovery

“It was a fantastic and exciting experience, that first time. Especially when you’re a bit older. After all, I officially started DJing at the age of 42. And also in my hometown Haarlem! There I experienced dance music most intensely, from the time house music emerged. I used to go out, explore music, and then started making electronic music myself. I’ve been involved with music since I was fifteen. I used to play cassette tapes at parties and for friends without being asked. If I noticed that the attendees appreciated the sound, it always gave me a lot of pleasure. At that time, I mainly played disco and later house music.”


“At home, I started early with a Yamaha VSS-200 sampling keyboard, a guitar distortion pedal, and a tape recorder to create tracks with more layers. Over the years, I mainly played with synths, drum machines, and DAWs. I also made a few tracks under the name Pecheur. In 2012, due to some unpleasant personal circumstances, I couldn’t access all my equipment for a while. During that period, I started practicing with a Traktor Kontrol X1. I have never tried to DJ with turntables or controllers with jog wheels.”

maarton2 300x256 - MAARTōN: "Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!"


“Since 2016, I have organized my own small outdoor techno events under the name IN AIR. These took place at unique outdoor locations with a special panorama. The events were live-streamed online. So, IN AIR. Meanwhile, I had already DJed at various small parties and at an outdoor cinema. For me, DJing is about conveying and sharing feelings and emotions. Experiencing tension and joy together with the audience. Music breaks down barriers, both physically and mentally.”

Hard work

“I had been preparing my set for the Tryscal Event for a few months. I had made two promos and organized two IN AIR events in the meantime. So, I was working towards this evening nicely. Listening to tracks, choosing a longlist, then a shortlist, importing, gridding, tagging, setting hot cues and loops. I also had to choose and practice the intro tracks and select one or two closers. I had picked out four tracks as possible intros beforehand. The rest of the buildup I did in the mix on the evening itself, according to my own tag categorization. That’s how I built my sets towards the slightly harder work of the next DJs.”

Maarton 2021 768x669 - MAARTōN: "Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!"

Putting in the hours

“Meanwhile, I’m busy putting in the hours, both at home and outside. I have already DJed at Amsterdam’s Most Wanted (AMW.FM), Technostate Inc. Showcase on Diesel.FM, at Undrgrnd Amsterdam, during ADE 2018 for Connected Records, and at Sputnik Techno 058 (Leeuwarden).”

'Energy tactics'

“In addition, I’ve been programming an Akai APC mini-controller for a while, specifically for what I call ‘energy tactics’. With this, I want to create a certain energetic flow. One advantage of this is that I have come to understand the structure of tracks better. And you get to know your tracks better through it. The preparation involves listening and organizing your cue points. Telling a story, sensing the audience and being able to respond to it is of course essential but also the most difficult. After all, you’re also busy with transitions, phrasing, and harmony.”

maarton1 - MAARTōN: "Ai-ai-ai, that blasted right into the room!"

“In the summer of 2018, I spontaneously produced a nice clubby track with GVE, Hear Me. This was released on the Koda recordings label. This year, on King’s Day, I will be at Magistrat (The Hague) for Techno Pressure Sequence – Eden. There are also plans for a new edition of IN AIR. And who knows, maybe there will be another Tryscal Techno Night. That would be great.”

This interview with MAARTōN was originally published in April 2019 on This Is Our House.

Who is MAARTōN?

MAARTōN stands for a deeper groove of techno. His sound is ranging from teasingly pure minimal to pounding industrial. His distinctive sets are always sonically electrifying and loaded with energy. Creator of GRIPZ method and GRIP2 Traktor mapping.

From 2016 MAARTōN put up the extraordinary and intimate IN AIR events at unique, remote and mostly outdoor locations for his live streamed sets and hosting upcoming DJ’s and producers. Since 2017 MAARTōN has been firing up some of the Dutch Techno scene’s notorious places like Crane Sessions @ NDSM werf, Tryscal Techno Night @ Lichtfabriek Haarlem, The Bas[s]ment Invites @ The Bas[s]ment Amsterdam, Undrgrnd @ Club John Doe Amsterdam, Sputnik Techno @ Club21 Leeuwarden, DJ Café @ Nachtruis Aalsmeer, Techno Pressure Sequence @ Club Magistrat Den Haag and ADE DJ Marathon @ Amsterdams Most Wanted.FM.

MAARTōN was special guest DJ at the Technostate Inc. Showcase and resident DJ at AMW.FM ‘s Techno Future Radio show. With GVE he released the housy floorbanger “Hear me” on Koda Recordings.

MAARTōN is a sonic soul who’s DNA is rooted in house music back in the late 80’s. That’s where he started off producing with a sampling keyboard, distortion unit and tape recorder, back in hometown Haarlem. From 2012 on MAARTōN dedicated himself to the decks as well as programming DJ controllers to create a striking energy flow in his performance, evolving into his expressive MAARTōN signature techno sound.


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