MFG Rob Hes (NL): “I had trouble getting the needle on the vinyl”

DJ Rob Hes playing at his debut

In 2014 Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with the Dutch techno DJ/producer Rob Hes. “Those were the good old days when you could only play vinyl.” Rob Hes has to wreck his brain to remember his first gig. He taught himself how to play the turntables and practiced endlessly in his bedroom. After having […]

My Most Memorable Gig Amy DB (USA)

Amy Tim Engelhardt My Most Memorable Gig

My Most Memorable Gig Amy DB (USA) This interview with Amy DB was originally publishedin Dutch on september 21st 2017 If you would like to read the Dutch version you can also find it on this page, below the English one. “Pride in my accomplishments took a hold of me” Every DJ has one: that […]

First official interview I ever had with a house DJ. Want to know who that was?

Dj Angelo d'Onorio 1996 interview

In 1996 I worked at the provincial newspaper in the south of The Netherland, the Limburgs Dagblad. They needed a music journalist who was interested in electronic music, since the most famous festival of the Netherlands at the time, Pinkpop, was going to host a dance-area for the first time ever. I was the chosen […]