The Incrowd lives up to its name 100%

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They will celebrate their fifth anniversary at the end of this year: The Incrowd. Paolo Gambirasi and Hans Pruis, aka Mr. Milano, who are the successful founders together, already have a well-attended concept under their name; when they organize a party, often aimed at the 35-plus crowd, you better be there. Although I consider myself fairly seasoned in the Amsterdam dance scene, I must have been partly living under a rock, because I hadn't heard of this fantastic club night before. And darn it, I've missed out!

There are parties. And then there are parties. And then there’s an Incrowd party! At 11:00 PM, the doors of the Sugar Factory in the capital opened, and by 11:04, the first Incrowders entered the room. Talk about support! And from the very first second, I found myself surrounded by great, friendly people; or, as one of the bartenders later put it in the smoking area, “They’re older and don’t make a mess.” Paolo kicked things off and quickly turned the room into a steamy, enthusiastic crowd, Mr. Milano added a solid dose of techno, and then Sasha blew the roof off until the doors closed.

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Rising temperatures

With all that amazing techno from Sasha Carassi and hosts Paolo Gambirasi and Hans Pruis, more than 500 people, including me, danced their asses off. Top party photographer Dennis Bouman was hired to take his special photos, although the lack of light and the fully operational smoke machine didn’t make the task any easier. Techno hero Sasha Carassi, along with Paolo and Mr. Milano, managed to raise the temperature so much that the stage behind the DJ booth was quickly thrown open as an extension of the dance floor. Kudos to the few tourists who happened to find that one amazing party tonight. The rare gem in the heart of Amsterdam.”

This review of The Incrowd invites Sasha Carassi is originally published on, June 17th 2015.

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