Paula Cazenave: Small posture, great personality!

Daniela Haverbeck, Paula Cazenave, Marceline ADE 2016
One of my Memorable Meets was with Spanish (hard) techno queen Paula Cazenave.

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Although we were at the same event during ADE 2015 and I even wrote a small article on Facebook about her back then, we had never met: miss Paula Cazenave and myself.

This talented DJ/producer named Paula Cazenave was performing at an event organized by of one of my friends. Unfortunately we didn’t meet during that event. 

Impressive techno lady Paula Cazenave and myself finally ran into each other in person in October 2016 at the best record store of Amsterdam: InDeep’nDance Records!

Small detail: Paula Cazenave was in the exquisite company of another personal techno heroine: Daniela Haverbeck.

I can honestly say: Paula Cazenave rocks! Small posture, great personality! And she is also the sweetest person! Hope we meet again soon!

By now Paula has told me the story of her DJ debut. Curious? You should be!

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