BeNRG: “Everyone was completely wasted”

BeNRG and Marceline in 2016
In 2014 BeNRG enthusiasticly talked about his memories of the first time playing for an audience. In an improvised DJ booth.

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In 2014 BeNRG enthusiastically talked about his memories of the first time playing for an audience. "The DJ-booth was a scaffolding with a plank and some orange canvas"

“In 1994/95 I went to Club Mazzo in Amsterdam on a weekly basis. The music that was played there, was from outer space and the most fantastic shit I had ever heard. I didn’t play myself at that time, but to hold on to the vibe and the music of the weekends at Mazzo during the week, I started being vinyl myself. Also, I acquired two turntables (both completely different and certainly no Technics), and a mixer that was probably indeed meant to for actual mashing.” (laughs)

ben toen 0 - BeNRG: "Everyone was completely wasted"

Billy Nasty

“Starting with techno/trance I started leaning more towards the harder house styles. This happened after attending a few Evlo parties (later HQ). I had just bought one of Billy Nasty’s cassette tapes and I was in love with his style: techno and uplifting hardhouse. Until this day, Billy is my über-hero.”


“About three years later, the group of friends with whom I hung out a lot at that point, organized an illegal rave. The location was somewhere in the fields of Ruigoord. That rave became my first gig. The first time I played for an audience, with the exception of those present who had been at after parties at my house, where I completely out of my mind sometimes played until six or seven in the morning.

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“In those days, to score new vinyl, I often went to Transcentral, a record store that was run by Alexander Koning. He invited to play at an event called Fortress/Eye on the Future in de Hemkade in Zaandam. I think this was in 1998. There I was sharing a line-up with people like Tiësto, Damon Wild, DJ Cellie, JP, Laidback Luke, Spider Willem, Jean and many more icons.”


“I was the opening DJ for the underground area. In my first minute I put on a track that was possibly considered to be more appropriate at prime-time. Or when you have to close. Funny detail: I had to stand on a crate because the stage was quite high. The uncomfortable pose didn’t help to get my nerves under control. Not good. I really don’t think I played a good set, but the crowd went berserk. What did help is that the place was packed, right from the beginning. When I think back to it now, I still feel a little uneasy. ‘I could have done that better’. But oh well, I was young and reckless.”

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“During many following years, I always began my sets with a bang. Yet, now I’m a ‘bit’ older, my taste in music has changed. Increasingly I prefer deep house, tech house and funky techno. Sure, a hardhouse set here and there is nice. Those moments reveal that in the end I haven’t lost all my wild hair literally and figuratively.”

This interview with BeNRG is originally published on in August 2014.

Who is BeNRG?

BeNRG started playing in 1995, after several visits to the Mazzo and Evlo parties in the AMP studios. Since then, BeNRG has attended parties organized by Eye on the Future, the Trance Buddha and various parties in Ruigoord. BeNRG became resident DJ for the D.D.O.D parties in the Trappist. BeNRG also performed in England for the Puzzle Project and was invited by Fausto to perform at club Latido on his birthday.

In addition, BeNRG has also worked at the super-famous B.O.E. parties in IJmuiden. With several gigs still in prospect, BeNRG happily continues to do what he enjoys most and that is playing the music that people want to hear.

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