MGW #3: 5 x Tension to the bone

Tension to the bone

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Producers are working tirelessly, resulting in thousands of new tracks being released daily. How do you stand out with your creative mind? At the same time, it's almost overwhelming for DJs searching for good tracks. How do you find those gems, the keepers, the high-quality tracks in this seemingly endless stream of new releases? It's almost a full-time job. This column aims to navigate the musical jungle of today and sometimes that of the past. I will highlight 5 tracks each time (in random order), mostly related to dance music, but the occasional trip down memory lane is not excluded. Nor is a nod to a piece of music history. This time it's about tension to the bone!

There’s pounding techno and there’s progressive and deep techno, to name just two extremes. And then there are those tracks in which boundaries are tested, sometimes exceeded. With at times an almost blood-curdling result. In this edition the apparent discrepancy between eerie and warm, between uncomfortable and beautiful, between crisis and balance. It is precisely that ultimate tension between the uncomfortable and the deeply warm that personally intrigues me enormously. Tension to the bone!

Murat Acar – Solitare (2009)

Robert Guerrero – Kafka (Original Mix) [AMAZING RECORDS]

Defex & Frederico Grazzini – Syrens (Original Mix)

‪Sian – Shame Cube (Victor Calderone Remix)

Paul Ritch – Bass Trap (Original Mix)

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