Marcy Goes Wild #2: 5 x Swinging Techno

Dancing people on the beach
5 x Swinging Techno chosen by me. It doesn't have to pound to be techno.

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Given the strong reactions this column and the dance genre seem to evoke, I'm curious about the responses this time. I'm not trying to convince, but rather to illustrate the existence of good house music. Every genre has its guilty pleasures, consolidated in the EDM (read: commercial) circuit within the dance scene. You won't find those here. Instead, you'll find swinging techno tracks with substance, complexity, excitement, and danceability.

Good house music is bursting with energy, and yes, that includes techno too! Truly, it doesn’t always have to be pounding. And for those who don’t believe me, here’s the incredibly danceable evidence attached. Call me baffled if feet aren’t hitting the floor right now! And for those who listen closely, you’ll recognize a Top 40 hit from the eighties in Joe Coons’ ‘Down The Drain.’

Producers put in tremendous effort, resulting in thousands of new tracks released daily. How can your creative head rise above the rest? Meanwhile, it’s nearly impossible for DJs searching for good tracks: how do you find those gems, the keepers, the high-quality tracks within that seemingly endless stream of new releases? It could almost be a full-time job. I aim to pave a way through the musical jungle of now and sometimes of then. Every episode, I highlight five tracks (in random order), almost always dance-related, with an occasional trip down memory lane, a nod to a piece of music history.

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