Georgio Schultz (NL): “All I cared about was music, music and more music”

Zoals gewoonlijk dikke mik met DJ Georgio Schultz
When we met in 2015, we appeared to share several good friends. No wonder that we instantly got along as well. Dutch DJ/producer Georgio Schultz remembers his first gig in Haarlem very well. “My DJ debut was at a party in a large town house.”

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Like many talented DJs and producers who have been around for a while, Dutch Georgio Schultz is a school example of an incredibly nice man. Every single time we meet we have the best conversations. In 2015 he told me the story of his first gig. "I was more the nerdy type.”

“It must have been around ’92 when I had my first gig in front of an audience. I actually played with records that I had borrowed from a friend with whom I shared a studio in those days. My DJ debut was at an actual house party in a large town house at the Koudehorn in Haarlem.”

georgio old times - Georgio Schultz (NL): “All I cared about was music, music and more music”

Didn't care for girls

“Because I was able to mix quite well already, I wasn’t nervous at all. The crowd were mainly visitors from Haarlem who usually partied at the legendary club RoXY in Amsterdam. I think I was about twenty years old at that point and most of the visitors were just a little older. Did I want to impress someone? No. In those days I really didn’t care for girls. I was more the nerdy type.” (laughs) “All I cared about was music, music, and more music.”

‘Playing booth’

“Two of my friends and I shared a studio in those days. That’s where I learned how to play. We had created a ‘playing booth’ behind the studio, that included a chill out couch where we often landed after attending a house party.”

georgio - Georgio Schultz (NL): “All I cared about was music, music and more music”


“On one of those nights we had attended a Gaultier party. Once we were back in our playing booth I found out that the track I went hard on earlier that evening was actually part of our studio’s record collection! That was the moment when I realized that I wanted to learn how to mix. I was flabbergasted and happy we owned that track. That magical music that I had experienced in such a euphoric state of mind only hours ago, the music that me and thousands of others had made it feel like we were in a little piece of paradise on earth. Yes, I remember the name of that track. It was Jambo with Drumattack! On Wonka Records. Of course, I had to relive that moment in that small studio box behind my parent’s house.”

Club Stalker

“The first time I made some money with DJing, was in Club Stalker in Haarlem. As far as I know, this is the oldest club of The Netherlands. I became a resident for the Thursday evenings. Sure, I was a little disappointed that it was on a Thursday, because that meant that I couldn’t go to Club ROxY anymore. Fortunately, pretty soon I was able to feast the Stalker crowd with my music every Saturday night. That was from 1996 till 2000.”

Gerogio Schultz Patronaat Haarlem November 2019 - Georgio Schultz (NL): “All I cared about was music, music and more music”

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