Gabriele Peveri: “Energy to overcome obstacles”

Gabriele Peveri at his first gig
We had crossed paths at events in Amsterdam several times, and in 2019, this led to an interview about Gabriele Peveri's first gig. "I felt the power of connection inherent in music."

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We had crossed paths at events in Amsterdam several times, and in 2019, it finally led to an interview about Gabriele Peveri's first gig. The DJ and producer remember it well: "I felt the power of connection inherent in music."

“The first time I played for an audience? I started playing records in my bedroom in Tuscany’s Arezzo, just for fun. Then I played at private parties for friends. Even though none of these performances were my official first gig, the journey towards it was a kind of transition for me.”

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“From the moment I started DJing, I found the DJ experience fantastic. When I started at home, I always listened carefully to sets from DJs I admired, like Dave Clark, Jeff Mills, Sven Väth, Mark Henning, Carl Cox, and Paul Ritch. While listening, I thought about how I would interpret the tracks. At some point, I asked myself, ‘Why don’t I do that?’ Then I started working on my own interpretation. That’s how I developed myself as a self-taught DJ.”

Record by Record

“When I was in high school in Pieve Santo Stefano, my first gig for an audience took place during a school event. I was seventeen. I gathered the courage to bring my DJ gear to school, plugged in the cables, and just started playing. Very slowly, record by record, my classmates and the other students started dancing cautiously. It was a magical moment. I felt the power of connection inherent in music. It was a great experience that boosted my self-confidence. Of course, I made a few technical mistakes, like any beginner does. However, the crowd enjoyed every minute. This gave me the energy to overcome my mistakes and embarrassment and keep going.”

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“All the gigs that followed that school performance gave me more confidence in myself and my skills. Besides, I can always improve my technique and gain more experience. Every gig is a party. I truly feel happy and grateful while DJing.”

Techno Tuesday

“I have been active in Amsterdam for six years now. The original plan was to stay briefly, but I fell in love with this beautiful city and never left. Since 2015, I have been a resident DJ at the well-known Amsterdam event Techno Tuesday. I have played at the historic venue De Melkweg, sharing the lineup with artists like Alberto Ruiz, Loco & Jam, Raul Facio, Hollen, Frankyeffe, Shall Ocin, Lexlay, Hobo, Sama, and many others. Additionally, I have played in Amsterdam at Club Air, Westerunie, VLLA, Sugar Factory, Panama, and Club NL. I also collaborate with several other organizations in Amsterdam, including Kraft Amsterdam, Excess, East Techno Collective, and UNDRGND.”

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“My plans for the future are to continue smiling and being happy. This mindset provides an open mind and an opportunity to achieve that happiness. I want to keep doing what I love: playing music and delving even deeper into the production process, surrounded by those who help me and, in turn, those I can help. As a tip for upcoming DJs, I want to say: do what you want to do, express yourself 100%, and if you work hard, you will reach your goal one day.”

This interview with Gabriele Peveri was originally published in March 2019 on This Is Our House.

Who is Gabriele Peveri?

Gabriele Peveri was born in Arezzo, Italy. Since the young age of 14 he attended his hometown club where the first interest in music techno and house rose. Gabriele Peveri later bought his equipment out of curiosity. He wanted to learn the art of mixing. Meanwhile Gabriele Peveri was attending venues as the famous Cocoricò, Red Zone club and the Klang club Arezzo. Here his desire to pursue a career as a DJ was born.

Gabriele Peveri found some big opportunities in Amsterdam, where he moved in 2013. Here, new sounds and new underground possibilities arrived on his path. Gabriele Peveri got to know the famous organization of Techno Tuesday Amsterdam. He’s been a resident DJ here since April 2015, in homebase club Melkweg. Gabriele Peveri also participated with “Together Rave” in the famous Westerunie. He also worked with Excess – The Movement at Club AIR and with the organisations “Dusk” and “ReBORN” in The Hague (NL).

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