Chase Miles: “Close all the pitfalls”

Little Chase Miles playing the drums
In 2019, I crossed paths with Chase Miles. Naturally, his debut was part of our conversation. "I want people to remember me."

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In 2019, I crossed paths with Dutch artist Kevin van der Burgt, a.k.a. DJ/producer Chase Miles. Naturally, his debut was part of our conversation. "I always prepare everything so well that I close almost all pitfalls for myself."

“I’ve been involved with music my whole life. From the moment I could walk, I started dancing. Back then, it was with my teddy bear. Soon, I began developing myself musically. I got my first Mickey Mouse drum set because I loved drumming on everything. (laughs) I was passionately drumming every day. I also mimicked entire fanfares: I played the trumpet with my mouth, the drum with my hands, and the kick with my feet. I could do this for hours.”

Chase first gig - Chase Miles: "Close all the pitfalls"

'No tengo dinero'

“As I continued to develop over the years, a friend in elementary school asked me to come to his home. He mentioned he had just started drum lessons and asked if I wanted to try. No Tengo Dinero by Los Umbrellos was the first song I played immediately. Later, we went downstairs together. His mother said to him, ‘You can already drum so well.’ He replied, ‘No, this was Kevin.’ She asked me how long I had been taking lessons. ‘This is my first time,’ I answered. ‘Then you should pursue this,’ she said. After that, I went to his house every day and developed myself behind his drum set. I was around eight or nine years old at that time. I also started taking dance lessons. My first showdance lesson, I loved it! In the following years, I focused on various disciplines, including breakdance, street dance, hip-hop, and ballroom dancing. Besides school, I danced 24 hours a week.”


“I also took drum lessons. Unfortunately, the music school couldn’t teach me much, so I continued as an autodidact. The years flew by with many dance performances in various large theaters. Acting is also in my blood. I’ve been imitating funny characters since childhood. This was mainly with my sister during the great ‘Telekids’ time with Carlo and Irene. I could imitate almost all characters. Eventually, this earned me a role in the Dutch musical ‘Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek’ a few years ago. I also had a guest role in ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden.’ Earlier, I played as an extra in the ‘TV Kantine’ and in various commercials.”

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“I also advanced in dancing. I ended up dancing as a background dancer on many stages in the Netherlands with artists like Ali B, Yes R, Daryll & Sjaak, Brainpower, Partysquad, etc. Another activity developed, being a DJ at parties. Even at a young age, I was always the one managing the music at family gatherings. In the following years, I increasingly DJed at friends’ and family parties.”

Fruity loops

“One day, a friend asked if I would like to DJ at De Kuip in Rotterdam. ‘Of course! Let’s go!’ I replied enthusiastically. I was sixteen at the time. It was a performance in the Maasgebouw for Feyenoord players. They had a party, and I was allowed to participate. After that, my musical sense developed more and more. I had been writing lyrics since I was twelve, mainly about love, although I knew little about it back then.” (laughs) “I did know that it hurt when someone broke up with me! At fifteen, I came across the Sony Music Maker program. It allowed me to create some funny tracks. I could entertain myself for hours with it. After that, I started using Fruity Loops.”

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Logic Pro

“I’ve always been passionate about making music, dancing, and drumming. Until I turned 21. At that time, I met someone who worked with Logic Pro. He showed me what you could do with it, and I thought only one thing: ‘I need to have this! Now I can finally try to produce professional music.’ In the following years, I regularly performed and continued to develop myself. I looked up to my big influences, Avicii and Tiësto, and in recent years, Martin Garrix.”


“I continued DJing under my old DJ name, with what was probably my first real DJ gig at Breda Barst. I was using Ableton at the time, so I could control everything with a controller. I found it challenging to do. I could throw in cool loops and various other fun sounds. I’ve never really been nervous, not even then, but that’s because I prepared myself so well, and I’ve been on stage since I was eight. I always prepare everything so well that I close almost all pitfalls for myself, haha. In that sense, I’m really a perfectionist. I’ve been doing this for years, and I still do it now. The feeling I got when I stood in front of the audience and the whole tent went wild was, of course, truly amazing! I can’t remember any blunders. So far, every set has gone really well. Knock on wood.” (laughs)

image001 - Chase Miles: "Close all the pitfalls"

No matter what

“In recent years, like everyone else, I’ve been using Pioneers. I always prepare for performances very well. I know exactly what I want to play and have customized playlists on my USB with future house, but also hardstyle, hip-hop, and other genres that I don’t necessarily play myself. However, if the audience wants to hear a different style, I always adapt. I really want people to remember me when I leave. No matter what. Furthermore, my show has expanded to the point where I have my own VJ, who handles my visuals. I always think: ‘The concept has to be spot on.’ People shouldn’t just experience the music but the complete package with visuals.”


“Meanwhile, I’ve had gigs throughout the Netherlands, including at Mezz in Breda, Central Studio’s in Utrecht, and in the Maassilo & Club Vie in Rotterdam. I released various tracks, including a dance track with Roxeanne Hazes. I was also an enthusiastic ambassador for Dance4Life and organized my own charity show night in the local music venue. It was packed to the rafters. Until one day I was asked to perform at the Ziggo Dome. I found this truly fantastic!”

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Chase Miles

“After years of hard work, I got in touch with Robert de Waal, the former bodyguard of the late André Hazes Sr. Through him, I ended up with John Dirne. He is an incredibly talented producer whom I had known for several years and had sent some things to. John was thrilled that I was so dedicated. I played him all my own music, to which he said, ‘We’re going to develop this further with you and the team.’ Thus began the start of my career under my artist name Chase Miles.”

“Earlier this year, I started my tour in China. This was a dream come true, and we are already in contact for the next China Tour, but we also have connections with various events worldwide. Furthermore, my first single under my name Chase Miles was released earlier this year. I now have three original tracks, including ‘Second Level’ and New Moon, and we are currently at 100,000 streams on Spotify. I love my profession and have only one goal: to be recognized for the music I make. Additionally, I hope to bring happiness to people and genuinely make a difference in this world. I hope to one day perform on the main stages of Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival Miami, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, and many more. What I would like to convey to upcoming DJs is: always be yourself and try to develop a sense of what the audience wants to hear.”

This interview with Chase Miles was originally published in June 2019 on This Is Our House.

Who is Chase Miles?

Chase Miles’s career started of under his own name Kevin. Chase Miles’s love for entertainment dates back to his years as a toddler. Without lessons he manages to master the drums and teaches himself to play the keyboards, piano even the guitar. Professional dance continues in the meantime and Chase Miles works with the dance crews of big Dutch acts like Brainpower, Partysquad, Ali B, Yes R, Daryll & Sjaak and many others. It leads to a part in the Dutch musical ‘Crusade in Jeans’, with performances in over a hundred theatres in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Chase Miles himself manages to deliver successful DJ sets at the Maassilo in Rotterdam, Kokomo in Groningen and takes the audience to another level at the annual open-air festival ‘Breda Barst’. He plays a guest part in Dutch TV-series ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’. He performs in club Escape in Amsterdam and is the supporting DJ for three days in succession during ‘Holland Sings Hazes’ at the Ziggo Dome. He also lands a gig for the worldwide platform as the Snapchat Host for several top-DJs at the ADE. Then still going by his name Kevin, Chase Miles works together with Dutch producers Jochem Fluitsma & Eric van Tijn and he is the man behind the mix and mastering of the track Pizzabroodje by Dutch artists Lange Frans & Zwarte Sjaak.

In October 2017 Kevin switched to a new name and identity, Chase Miles was born. Chase Miles’s music can be best described as a combination of future house and progressive house, a unique style with emotion and passion as biggest influences.

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