Axel Rator (NL): “And then there was house”

Axel Rator 2016

Axel Rator has an incredibly vivid memory of the early years of house music. More than that. In 2017 he offered an intimate view into the history of house that exceeds the also original story of his first gig.

Raffaele Rizzi (It): “Thinking about my debut makes me a little nostalgic”

Marcy and Rafaelle laughing - date: October 2016

My First Gig DJ/producer Raffaele Rizzi (Italy) In March 2017 Marceline interviewed the charismatic and driven Italian techno DJ/producer Raffaele Rizzi about his DJ-debut in Naples. Raffaele remembers: “The audience was really young, warm and responsive.” “I remember my first gig very well. Thinking about it makes me a little nostalgic. My debut took place […]