Wesdex: “Accelerated the BPM”

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Wesdex is also known as ‘the green designer’. In 2015 he told me about his first gig. He found out that the sound in a DJ booth was quite different than his bedroom sound.

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The first time we met, must have been around 2012. This was at a Sunday afternoon event in het Twiske in Zaandam. The Dutch Wesley Dorrius aka Wesdex is also known by the name ‘the green designer’, because sustainability is a major issue for him. In 2015 he told me about his first gig. "This is when the ball started rolling.”

“My first performance in a real club was when I organized my own event Taste This Techno. This took place in the Inhof in Utrecht, which is know better-known as Cub Poema. One of the artists I booked was Joris Voorn, who had just started to make a name for himself. I had put myself as former last DJ on the line-up, right after Joris. This meant I could accelerate the BPM.”

Wesdex TTT 001 - Wesdex: "Accelerated the BPM”

Record choice

“I was quite nervous, but was also enormously looking forward to it. It was exciting because the sound in a club’s DJ booth is totally different than at the acoustics at home in your bedroom are. All in all, the mixing went well and the crowd liked my record choice. The night went on and on, past closing hours. I will never forget this first club night. This is when the ball started rolling.”

wesdex 2010 - Wesdex: "Accelerated the BPM”


“My first official booking wasn’t too much later, in that same year. Immediately I played in the legendary Basement of club Nighttown in Rotterdam. A dream came true. The event was organized by Sound Architecture and was named Shapes of Sound. I was the opening act for the first two hours. Warren Fellow was programmed after me. Within those two hours the dance floor filled up completely. I remember well that I wasn’t very familiar with the Pioneer DJM800 mixer and that I probably played a little too much with the filters and effects. Regardless, I got into the groove and thought it was a fantastic experience. My dad even tagged along to film the whole thing. Awesome!”

Burning Man

“After that, I started organizing more events. For example, the minimal concept Magentronik in Utrecht and Amsterdam. I did this together with Hidde Pluymert. I was also involved in the organization of several festivals. The number of bookings grew and I played at Mysteryland, Welcome To The Future, Tme Warp (Germany) and at Burning Man in the United States. Also, I performed in several other countries like India and on Curaçao. I’ve had amazing times and am utterly grateful for everyone who was responsible for this.”

wesdex in India 768x511 - Wesdex: "Accelerated the BPM”

“Right now, besides playing, I’m also active for United Music Events Foundation, in short UMEF. We provide sustainable advice to festivals and develop and place green entertainment. On top of that, we put together an event called Groene Helden (Green Heroes, red.) Organizing and DJing is in my blood.”

This interview with Wesdex is originally published on DJMag.nl on Thursday June 4th 2015.

Who is Wesdex?

Wesdex is an Utrecht based DJ. Wesdex has been very active in the Dutch dance scene since 2003. That same year, he started organizing popular techno events in Utrecht and Rotterdam. He is founder of the respected Magnetronikclub nights, which were held in Club Poema, Doornroosje, Flex Bar and Melkweg from 2005 till 2008. Since then Wesdex organized several nights and festivals in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

He booked and played along with artists like Benny Rodrigues, Secret Cinema, Egbert, Erick E, Bart Skills, Michel de Hey, Magda, Mathias Kaden, Sven Väth and many others.

Wesdex is a well-seen DJ at clubs and festivals. He played at festivals like Mysteryland, Welcome To The Future, Cocoon Space Invaders Tour and Time Warp NL. Wesdex can also be seen in the best Dutch clubs, such as Melkweg, Paradiso and Air. International he played in Istanbul Turkey, India, Germany, Curacao, Sri Lanka and at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert and the Supper Club in San Francisco USA.

His sound lies between minimal, jazzy house and pumping tech-house. Wesdex’s own description of his sound is ‘humor house’, because of the good vibe, extremely danceable music and mixing that with pumping tech-house. Besides his love and passion for music, Wesdex is a highly motivated environmentalist. He is founding father of the United Music Events Foundation (UMEF).

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