Vortex (NL): “Everybody lit up starlets”

We met in 2011 and we became friends. Pim Verhaagen aka DJ Vortex' first gig took place in 1999. In 2014 he told me the story of his DJ debut. “Everybody lit up starlets.”

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I met Pim Verhaagen aka DJ Vortex in 2011 and we became friends. His first gig took place in 1999. In 2014 he told me the story of his DJ debut. “Everybody lit up starlets.”

“My first gig was in 1999 at the event HQ in de Melkweg in Amsterdam. I was 24 years old at the time. It goes without saying that I was incredibly nervous. And I learned immediately learned the biggest lesson ever at this first time: sometimes your set will be longer than you had anticipated.”

Vortex @ HQ Melkweg 1999 - Vortex (NL): “Everybody lit up starlets”


“I was supposed to play for an hour and had prepared will for this at home. I didn’t want anything to go wrong. As soon as I entered de Melkweg though, it appeared that I was planned to play for one and a half hour. Help!”

In the deep end

“I was totally thrown into the deep end and had to improvise. At that moment, I realized that it’s impossible to always be completely prepared. You just have to bring along enough music to be able to adapt to every situation. Luckily, that crucial night, I did.“

Vortex @ Winter Wooferland Paradiso 08022014 765x1024 - Vortex (NL): “Everybody lit up starlets”


“All my friends were present and when I played my last track, everyone on the dancefloor lit up starlets. I didn’t know what was coming to me! Wow! The phenomenon was new to the organization as well. It was a good way to present myself and definitely added to my self-confidence.”

“My mentor in those days was HQ’s JP Lonestriker. He provided me with many tips and we often played together. After it went fast. When you become part of an organization like Dance Valley, what happened after that, you play all around the country, included al big festivals. I also had some cool gigs in Tokyo, New York, Cairo and on Ibiza. And I owe all of this to my flying start.”

This article was originally published on Friday, February 28th on DJMag.nl.

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