Toni Varga (ESP): “I was quite wild and crazy in those days”

Toni Varga Amnesia
The Spanish Toni Varga had his first gig in his hometown La Coruña. He was 20. In October 2015 he told me the story of his DJ debut.

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tony varga 2020 - Toni Varga (ESP): "I was quite wild and crazy in those days"

The Spanish Toni Varga had his DJ-debut in his hometown La Coruña. He was 20 at the time. In October 2015 he told Marcy Goes Wild the story of his first gig. "It was like a difficult exam."

“My first gig was in La Coruña, my home city in Spain I was really young, only twenty, and got the opportunity to play in a small club called Los Condes. It was at that point one of the only clubs in town where you could listen to electronic music. I was quite wild and crazy in those days.” (laughs)

Sweaty hands

“I was super nervous for that first gig. I remember that my hands were constantly shaky and sweaty. This certainly had to do with the fact that I was playing in my hometown, where my parents and friends lived. I was scared to death. Also, due to nerves, I didn’t dare to look up from my mixer. This meant, that I was not sure about the reactions and facial expressions of the crowd. It was like a difficult exam!” (laughs)

Tony Varga 2019 1024x678 - Toni Varga (ESP): "I was quite wild and crazy in those days"

Full venue

“Since the venue was really small, it was filled with almost all my friends and other people that I knew. Although that fact made it quite scary, it also gave me confidence. It helped that I knew them. It felt encouraging and it was really fun to see everyone dance to my music and supporting me. Today, some of these friends are coming along with me to my gigs, that take place all over the world. I’m really happy about that!”


“I worked a lot on that set, to be honest. This was my first time to play for an audience and I wanted everything to come out perfectly. Therefore, before the gig, I prepared everything well at home. I never had a mentor, nobody taught me how to play. I taught myself by studying other artists. I had been listening to electronic music since years and at a certain point I decided to direct all my energy there. I watched numerous videos and went to many festivals and parties to see how different artists perform.”

Extra pressure

“Hopefully only my friends were there with me this day. (laughs) Other people would be have been an extra pressure, haha. But really, the vibe was really nice. I was more worried about the opinion of the club owner, since there weren’t many other options around to play. In the end, I was really happy with my set. As I said, everybody was dancing and enjoying my music.”

tony varga big audience - Toni Varga (ESP): "I was quite wild and crazy in those days"

“From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to devote the rest of my life to this. After touring for a few years, I had the chance to become a resident at club Amnesia on Ibiza. Today I’m a resident of Elrow, one of the most successful Spanish brands. I’m really happy that I was able to quit my old job and put my bets on this profession.”

“Did I learn something from my DJ debut? Absolutely! After that I made it a habit to watch to the audience and see if they are having fun.”

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