Thirdone: “Nervous, it was our first live set”

Thirdone and Marceline at Dhoem Dhaam warehouse Amsterdam
During ADE 2015 I ran into Stefano and Marco Ranieri a.k.a. Thirdone. In 2016 they told me the story of their first gig. “We didn’t expect this many people!”

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During ADE 2015 I ran into these two cute and charming Italian brothers named Stefano and Marco Ranieri. They immediately stole my heart. Under the name of Thirdone they proved to be top-of-the-bill techno DJs and producers. Nowadays Marco operates solo. His artist name is Ranieri. In 2016 both of them told me the story of their first gig. “We didn’t expect such a big crowd and this massive stage.”

“We are two Italian brothers, both born in Augsburg, Germany. In 1996 we moved to Ortona, which is situated in the middle of Italy. We grew up with techno and trance and fell in love with it. Since then, we’ve been following the techno scene. The first time we experienced the Love Parade, we were hooked on the techno scene. Both our DJ careers started different though.”

Marco Thirdone Live 1024x683 - Thirdone: “Nervous, it was our first live set”

No local record shops

Marco: “I started DJing in 2001. I had met a DJ who became one of my best friends. After saving a bit of money, I started buying my own records. I still remember how hard that was without the internet or any local record shops.”

By mail

“I used to call one of the most popular record shops in the north of Italy to get some previews by phone. If I was happy, I simply placed my order and received the vinyl by mail. My first vinyl was Piero Zeta & Manuel Es – My Name is Nobody.“

Marco Thirdone Live2 683x1024 - Thirdone: “Nervous, it was our first live set”


Stefano: “When I started playing, I soon decided on the name Thirdone. Why? Simply because I’m the third brother.” (laughs) “Immensely influenced by Marco I started buying records in 2008. My first one was Chris Liebing’s Turbular Bell – CLR. It’s still my favorite.”

Egg cartons

“I used to play this track all the time in my brother’s studio on his Technics 1210’s. His studio had egg cartons as acoustic panels. He also had an Akai sampler S700, a Casio synthesizer and two huge computer monitors from the late 90s.”

Marco Thirdone Live3 1024x683 - Thirdone: “Nervous, it was our first live set”


“We debuted with our first live gig at the Driving Forces Records Showcase during the ADE 2015 in Amsterdam. We arrived at Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse venue around 11.30 PM. When we stepped in, we didn’t expect so many people and this massive stage. So, at this point, as it was our first live set…Yes, we were really nervous!” (laughs).


“We had prepared the set in our studio in London using samples of our own releases. But to be honest, half of the set has been setup in the hotel, just a few hours before our live debut.” (laughs)

marco en stefano live 2016 1024x683 - Thirdone: “Nervous, it was our first live set”


“Gladly, we always got a lot of support from our family. But also from friends, labels and contacts we made via socials networks. They have alway support us. Besides this, DJ/producer Anthony Castaldo, who is one of our friends, functioned as our mentor. We know him from the techno movement WACHTRAUM. Thanks to Anthony we play live these days. He pushed us in the right direction.”

Amazing feedback

“That first gig went much better than we expected, especially because it was our first live performance. We were so happy with the powerful techno vibe we felt that night. Also, we received amazing feedback from the crowd. We couldn’t have wished for a better experience.”

“What we learned for the next time, is that we should prepare the set enough time in advance and not at the last moment in the hotel room!” (laughs)

This interview is originally published on on Thursday February 11th 2016.

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