The Promised Land: Intimate and cozy house classics festival

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Looking for a cozy and intimate gem in the maze of Dutch summer festivals? Check The Promised Land!

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Anyone looking for a cozy and intimate gem in the maze of summer festivals that largely focus on mainstream 538-house can even note two in the agenda. On August 29, of course, house classics festival Wooferland, and next week at The Promised Land Open Air, it's spewing off. After a flying start in 2014, this festival will return to the Peddelpoel in Spaarnwoude on June 13 this year. Will I see you there?

Guaranteed old-fashioned cozy house for the ‘older youngster’; that is what The Promised Land Open Air stands for. And not only people over thirty can indulge themselves because on June 13 it will be proven that house classics can also have surprises in store, as witnessed by the line-up. Be quick because the tickets are almost gone!

Love Parade

The line-up is led by Berlin-based DJ/producer Dr. Motte, spiritual father of the Love Parade. This year he celebrates his thirtieth anniversary as a DJ with a world tour under the name he once gave to the first Love Parade in 1989, ‘Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen’. He is accompanied by Mijk van Dijk, also from Berlin. Both have played an important role in the development of the German techno sound.

The national honor is defended by, among others, classics pioneers Remy, Fierce Ruling Diva and Spider Willem and many others who really need no introduction. Divided over three areas, everyone will undoubtedly get their money’s worth.

Hang out and relax

All your senses will be pampered at The Promised Land. It is wonderful to hang out and relax on one of the beaches around the Peddelpoel with a view of small islands or in the shelter of one of the many trees. You can wander endlessly across the festival grounds, without really losing your way. A mini-food court guarantees the perfect satisfaction of the inner man and the art market stimulates your creative mind.

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