Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”

Rubzman and Marceline 2014
Dutch Ruben Langedijk a.k.a. Rubzman is an amazing multitalent. We must have met in 2012 or ’13. He remembers all of his gigs well. About his first DJ/VJ gig: “That was in 2004 in our favorite hangout.”

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Dutch Ruben Langedijk a.k.a. Rubzman is an amazing multitalent who had debuts as VJ, DJ and DJ duo. We must have met in 2012 or ’13 in a bar called Frisco Inn in Amsterdam. Once we started talking about music, we never stopped – until the lights went on. He remembers all of his gigs very well. About his first VJ gig: “My first gig was in 2004 with Martijn Adema in our favorite hangout, The Getaway Café in Amsterdam.”

“I was 29 then. Martijn, Berry van Dijk and I are the shared owners of Vision Impossible. This is a company with a team of visual artists. We often brainstormed whether and how we could create an audiovisual set. At some point, we got in touch with an Asian booking agent who was interested in what we had to offer. This was our chance!”

rubzman 2011 sm - Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”


“Leading up to the show we did a few tryouts. One was at Het Magazijn in Amsterdam and another one at location De Engel for a party named Angeldust on the Albert Cuypstraat. It was quite a busy night, and the atmosphere was great.”

Audiovisual samples

“We were programmed in between the likes of DJs like Isis and Brian S. Martijn and I took turns in DJing, so two of us could constantly concentrate on the VJing. Before the gig, we had decided together on a tracklist, because aside from the musical story a visual one was told. Because we’re always looking for new technologies, digital playing with Traktor was an interesting development. Besides this, we used a Pioneer DJVJ-1000 to play audiovisual samples.”

rubzman 2011 - Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”

Asian booker

“It took the Asian booker subsequently over a year to get us to Malaysia. The show, that finally took place in 2005, was the best! Tens of thousands of people in front of us who had never experienced anything like this.”

Effect button

“We were playing in between Markus Schulz and Johan Gielen. The set went great, except for one little error. By mistake we had turned on the effect button, which resulted in more/less volume. It lasted a second too long, but I don’t think that many people noticed.”

Rubzman behind the decks 2019 1024x683 - Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”

Interviews and signatures

“It was fun that after the show people asked to take pictures with us and asked for interviews and signatures. This was quite a new experience for us, because this usually doesn’t happen to VJs.”

Flamethrowers and lasers

“After this, we played some DJ/VJ gigs at trance event Transmission in Prague. Besides VJs we are also the show and art directors of this dance concept. We also designed the logo of Transmission. In cooperation with the owner, every year we think of the theme, concept and story. To develop a DJ/VJ show for this concept, including robot show, flamethrowers, lasers and the necessary fireworks, was a logical step. This year we thought of something spectacular as well, but a DJ/VJ-act has not been scheduled.”

rubzman 2021 1024x371 - Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”

Rebel Radio

“In 2011 I was invited by Rebel Radio in Studio 80 in Amsterdam. That’s when I got back to DJing. That night I played a mix of tracks by others and some of my own productions. Because by then, I was not only producing on a visual but also on a musical level.”


”I was so glad that all went well. I was pretty nervous to play for such a huge radio audience. Besides that, of course I wanted to impress my girlfriend at that time, DJ Lady Ace.” (laughs) “You could consider this my first gig under the alias Rubzman, but without dancing people on the dancefloor.”

Rubzman 2015 - Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”

Pop temple

“Soon after that, I had the opportunity to play in de pop temple of Amsterdam, Paradiso. The event was named The Bus and was organized by Debra Mitchell. I also had a podium at MC Marxman’s parties. You could say that he is my mentor. Debra and Marxman totally supported me in my development as a DJ.”


“That night in Paradiso I was the opening DJ. The atmosphere was pleasant, and many people were dressed up, because it was Halloween. When the next DJ took over from me, the dance floor was full, while meantime in every different area in Paradiso another performance was taking place!”

Rubzman playin at The Buss 2018 - Rubzman: “Pleasantly suprised by positive reactions”

Huge incentive

“Pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback on my musical choices mixed with my own work, this first gig turned out to be a huge incentive to continue making and playing music. Producing has always been a passion. By now, I have released six tracks on three different record labels, and I have plenty of material ready to go.”

“These days I’m also a resident at VET! In Club NL in Amsterdam and play there on a regular basis with my girlfriend. I’m working on a live-set and perhaps, this will be followed by a video. Who knows?”

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