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DJ/producer A.Paul: “Hooked on techno”

In 2014 I met Portugese DJ/producer and label owner A.Paul for a feature interview. He talked about how he got into techno and about the illness that changed his outlook on life. “I am now much more aware of my existence.”

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Chopstick & Johnjon: “John helped out”

In 2017 I interviewed Chopstick & Johnjon about their first gig. Chopstick: “The pressure not to mess up and the many drinks beforehand, due to me being nervous, had made me a bit tipsy as well.”

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Kid Culture: “Had to work with what was there”

Dutch Kid Culture started playing at a young age. He remembers well how it was, that first time. “My real first big gig was being the support act of Gangstar in Paradiso, Amsterdam.”

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