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We all have our first times. Want to know that special moment of Charlotte De Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Nicole Moudaber, Secret Cinema and many others? Maybe Marcy Goes Wild interviewed your favorite dance icon about it. Check it out!

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Max E Groove: “We were extremely eager”

My love goes way back with UK DJ Max E Groove, but I met this super nice man in 2015. Not soon after that, he told me about his first gig. The memory makes him laugh: “We waited by the stage entrance with our records in milk crates.”

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Hoj: “A bit of a neat freak”

Hoj remisced with me about his first gig in a Californian coffeeshop in 1999. He was 21, so just old enough to drink. To make sure that the vinyl didn’t skip, he wiped each one of them with an old vinyl brush.

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