Nakadia (TH): “Every day I went through the same routine”

Such a pleasure to meet this beautiful woman, small in stature and huge in personality and talent. By now I also know her remarkable life story. How a talented country girl from Thailand became this world famous DJ and still achieved to remain true to her pleasant self. A rather incredible and certainly very admirable accomplishment! And her name is: Nakadia!! _0_ Can't wait till we meet again girl!
The start of DJ Nakadia's career sounds like a fairy tale.

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nakadia 1 - Nakadia  (TH): “Every day I went through the same routine"

Marcy Goes Wild interviewed numerous DJ’s about their DJ debut. This time she had a chat with Thai heroin Nakadia, whose career unfolded like a fairy tale.

“My very first gig ever took place at a commercial club in Hannover, Germany. This was during the Expo 2000. I immediately stood in front of over 2000 people.”

Shaking hands

“It was quite logical that I was super nervous. My hands where shaking when I had to put the needle on the record. Luckily it all went super well and the club booked me again right away.”

nakadia 2 e1562334653412 - Nakadia  (TH): “Every day I went through the same routine"

Tourist visa

“Before this first gig I received three months of extensive training in neighboring Braunschweig (Germany). Sebastian, who is my manager until today, flew me in from Thailand on a 3 months tourist visa. From the moment we arrived, I practiced around the clock.”

Technical university

“One of Sebastian’s friends offered us to stay at his place in Braunschweig. This man was running a PA rental company and gave workshop at the technical university. There, he set a special room up for me with a full PA system and turntables.”


“Every day I went through the same routine. I got up at 9, walked to the neighboring university cafeteria and then practiced the whole day and evening until midnight. I only stopped to have lunch and dinner at the university cafeteria.” 

nakadia 4 - Nakadia  (TH): “Every day I went through the same routine"


“Honestly, we did this every single day. I totally felt like a student. At the end of those three months I was able to play very well – technically at least. My choice of music was still pretty bad and cheesy though. Everything was new to me. On the country side of Thailand, where I grew up, there was absolutely no techno electronic music to be found.”

“It took me a few years to find my love for techno. During the first years Timo Maas was a great mentor for me. He provided me with a numerous amount of vinyl promos. That’s how I fell in love with the music I play today.” 

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