Gerald Madden: “Been to many college parties”

Office opening bash House of Tracks! Having fun with my former colleague of, Gernot, also known as DJ/producer Gerald Malden or as a member of the duo Join the Gang
In 2017 I had a chat with German Gerald Madden. Looking back, he wouldn't change a thing about his DJ debut.

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In 2017 I had a chat with Gernot Müller a.k.a. Gerald Madden. Looking back, he wouldn't change a thing about his DJ debut.

“Technically, my first gig ever was only in front of two people but with an audience of thousands listening. For my first time playing outside of my bedroom, I got invited to deejay at a college radio station called WMUC 88.1FM at the University of Maryland where I used to live at that time.”

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Wild youth

“During my wild youth I had been around at many college house parties. At one those parties I met Peter, one of the radio deejays over there. He invited me to come and play at his radioshow called Cue Radio.”

Cue points

“I remember being super nervous. Not only did I prepared the whole set, I even had gone that far that I already had programmed all the cue points to mix in the new tracks. Besides that, the thing about radio is that you don’t only rock up and play your set. The tricky part is, that on top of mixing, you have the radio host asking you random questions. In a for me foreign language.”

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Best friend

“Long story short: all went super well. I got invited over again at the radio show, became best friends with Peter, eventually started hosting my own radio show and started to get gigs outside of the radio studio.”

Escape Amsterdam

“Thinking back, I would do everything exactly the same. Starting to play at a radio station taught me a lot about music selection and different vibes of a variety of tracks. This experience was essential for me to get a residency at the Escape in Amsterdam where I opened the main room at Reveal for many years.”

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From Gerald Madden to Join The Gang

“Last but not least, the Escape was the place where I met my studio partner Roberto with whom I started a new project called ‘Join the Gang’ a year ago, after getting a bit bored of playing and producing by myself all the time. When I started, I performed under the artist name Gerald Madden which is close to my really name Gernot Muller. After meeting Roberto, we decided that it wouldn’t make sense to use the same name since we teamed up together. We started making music together in a garage, which we considered to be ‘pretty ghetto’. Hence the name.”

“For this project we have decided to focus on producing. After we’ve defined our own sound, we want to play gigs again. Last year we produced a variety of music, from trap to techno and from future house to trance. Our first release was at Idenline Music. At this moment three tracks are waiting to be released within the next six months. They will help us to determine our style.” 

This interview with Gerald Madden is originally published on in June 2017. 

Who is Gerald Madden / Join The Gang

Bringing change into the world of EDM, Gernot Müller a.k.a. Gerald Madden and Roberto better known as Join the Gang, have fused the two differing worlds of underground sounds and the commercial EDM into their own influenced unique style. Working full-time in the studio, Roberto is the artist behind the development of differentiating sound and style while Gerald Madden is the mastermind in joining sound, technique, mixing, and skill behind the decks. Since 2015 Gerald Madden and Roberto have been perfecting their sound and direction in which they have become successful in.

Gerald Madden is the born performer who can ignite a crowd effortlessly. Gerald Madden started his music career as a small venue DJ in his home town in Germany, which evolved over the years as a headlined artist at one of Amsterdam’s biggest nightclubs: Club Escape. Roberto, originally from Brazil, lives and breathes music in another way. He is a Sound Design bachelor graduate and the technical mind behind JTG. The two bumped into each other in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2015, hit it off immediately, became roommates, and started making beats together in their small garage.

Career highlights of Gerald Madden and Join the Gang include performances across Europe and Asia, in addition to sold-out opening sets for headliners such as Yellow Claw, Fedde Le Grand, Dannic, Dyro and Sandro Silva to name a few. Gerald Madden & Roberto are available for show bookings, interviews or just a laid-back coffee in their favorite bar in Amsterdam.

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