Chus & Ceballos (ES): “We are positive people”

Chus & Ceballos My First Gig
In 2015 two of her personal heroes, the Spanish DJs/producers Chus & Ceballos, told Marcy Goes Wild the story of their DJ-debut: "We are positive people."

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For the feature My First Gig in 2015 Marceline had a chat with two of her personal heroes, the Spanish DJs/producers Chus & Ceballos: "We are positive people."

“Our first gig playing together was in Porto, Portugal, at a club called Sound Planet. We were 25 and 21 years old. Of course we were pretty nervous for that gig. And we are still always nervous, it keeps us young!”

Educated crowd

“Portugal has always been known for having a very educated crowd. The Portugese are true lovers of house music. We did not prepare the set at home. In those days Chus had much more DJ-experience than Ceballos, so we just started playing our own productions and went along the vibe. It was indeed a really good experience.”

Thirteen-year old daughter

Chus: “Sure we had support at that first gig. A few friends were present. These days I’m happily married and have a thirteen-year old daughter. My wife and my child are my biggest supporters.” Ceballos: “Family and friends are very important to me as well.” Chus laughs: “And I’m sure that one of Pablo’s girlfriends were present, that first time.”

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Danny Tenaglia

“Did we have a mentor? Yes, we did: the one and only Danny Tenaglia. In 2003 Danny invited us to play at his club in New York. And while we’re on the subject: that was our official debut in the United States.”


“That first gig went very easy, because we had so much stuff of our own, plenty of test pressings and promos from our label Stereo Productions. In the end we just had fun playing the music we love! We didn’t make big mistakes, nothing crazy, I guess. In retrospective we were super happy – we are very positive people!”

“That first night playing together we learned that there are two essential moments in your DJ-set: the way you start, so the first track you play, and how you end, so the very last track you chose! If you select them well, everybody will remember your set!”

This article was originally published on on July 23d 2015

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