Diablo: “House scene was drain of society”

Some reunion that was! And did we have fun Daniel aka DJ Diablo!? Ow yeah!
Diablo is also part of Zweistein. The owners of the venue where he had his debut turned pale when they heard the music.

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daniel recent - Diablo: “House scene was drain of society"

In 2014 Marceline I interviewed my friend Daniel Englisch a.k.a.Diablo about his DJ debut. Diablo is also half of the producers duo Zweistein. About his first gig: "There was no turning back."

“In 1990 a number of friends and I for the first time gave a party in Het Rothaanhuis in Amsterdam. This happened under the name Nightbreed. Until that moment, in the Rotaanhuis, only bingos and similar events were held.”


“At that time, the house scene was still the drain of society. So, we told the owners at the time, that it was a birthday party where a few house tracks might be played from time to time. The couple turned quite pale as they saw that Audio Amsterdam drove in two meters high bass cabinets from EAW (the delicious BH800 system) through the back entrance.”

No turning back

“But then there was no turning back. After all, the room was paid for. During the party, a large canvas of 4 by 9 m2 was painted. The DJ towered from above. That evening I played with, among others, Bas aka DJ Wizz, my soulmate and mentor at the time. I chose bold tracks from Quazar, The Hypnotist, GTO, Armando, etc..”

daniel toen - Diablo: “House scene was drain of society"

Legendary attic

“In the past, we mainly played with ten peope in Bas’ legendary attic, which was equipped with stroboscopes and smoke machines. The noise at this real gig was overwhelming, but flawless. Without those annoying limiters that are now present in every pub and club. That evening at the Rothaanhuis was great! It was a wonderful experience to see the crowd dance to my music. At that point I knew: this was my destination.”

More Diablo?

  This interview was originally published on DJMag.nl on Wednesday February 19th, 2014

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